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10 Reasons to Watch UFC Fight Night 27 Tonight

And Luchadores are cool. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday, and on a day that’s usually reserved for bible study group and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, there’s a UFC scheduled – UFC Fight Night 27 to be exact. And while most of your limited attention is probably split between skeeving on that Hipster chick at the coffee shop on Friday and the UFC 164 pay-per-view on Saturday, what’s set to go down tonight in the Octagon erected in Indianapolis, Indiana is worth at least a modicum of your interest. Why? Because screw you, that’s why. It’s a goddamn free UFC. Will it kill you to watch it? Anyway, here’s 10 reasons to tune in, but honestly, if you need them to convince you, no way is that Hipster chick going to give a tool like you the time of day.

  • Sheps

    Why do I even come to this site anymore?

  • revival

    Yeah, this post is weak sauce.

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    10 Reasons to Not Read This Post.

    1 though 10: Jim Vagina. Because I can’t be arsed to write it 10 times.