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30 Days of Awesome

Boy oh boy. After nearly two months of starvation, the MMA buffet is apparently open for business again, starting next week. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got:

  • August 24th: ShoXC: Joe Boxer vs Krazy Horse
  • August 25th: UFC74: Gonzaga vs Couture
  • September 1st: Art of War 3: Pedro Rizzo vs Jeff Monson
  • September 5th: WEC: Jens Pulver vs Cub Swanson
  • September 8th: UFC75: Rampage Jackson vs Dan Henderson
  • September 15th: EliteXC: Robbie Lawler vs Ninja Rua
  • September 17th: HERO’S: Middleweight Grand Prix
  • September 19th: UFN11: Kenny Florian vs Din Thomas
  • September 22nd: UFC76: Chuck Liddell vs Keith Jardine
  • September 22nd: Cage Rage 23: Mark Weir vs Paul Daley

My birthday is September 14th … I’ll let you guys know where to send the presents. However, if by some fluke you don’t send any, then fuck you. The Gods of MMA have decided to bless me (and you all by association) with perhaps the craziest month of MMA ever recorded! Rejoice!

  • MMAPredictions

    ShoXC’s been moved to the 25th! Same day as UFC!

    Yeah September is going to be crazy…

  • Swedish guy


  • dragomort

    How odd that you aren’t listing anything during the next 30 days…. Why the hell are all of the promoters playing feast or famine with their schedules?

  • BigFern

    just busted a nut!

  • Magnus

    I like Paul Daley cause he has a hot girlfriend!

  • Vee

    DECEMBER 8th
    2007 is a great FIGHT YEAR!!
    Hey and if Lidell beats Jardine (nothing is guaranteed) then you might see Lidell vs. Silva towards the end of the year!!

  • Vee

    November 10th
    @ MSG
    Miguel Cotto (Puerto Rico’s newest star) is fighting Sugar Shane Mosley

    . . . and a not-so-exciting but maybe interesting upcoming fight::
    Roy Jones Jr. vs. Tito Trinidad (some time in 2008)

    I think the UFC definitely gives you more bang for your buck when it comes to pay-per-views. I guess when you have so many different promotions and ruling bodies in boxing it is difficult to get several major draws on one card. I guess the UFC becoming the defacto-mma promoting organization is not so bad for the fans that spend $40 on a pay-per-view card. And you truly get to see the best fight the best with minimal backdoor politics. The fight game is never fair.