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31 million UFC fans

MMA Payout mines some data from a polling company and comes up with an estimate: the UFC’s fan base in America is 31 million, with ‘avid’ fans making up one third (11 million) of that number. In comparison, NASCAR has 45 million / 17 million avid and the NBA 50 million / 17 million avid. The big dawgs are still football and baseball with 90 million / 52 million avid for the NFL and 78 million / 30 million avid for baseball. I figure baseball’s popularity has similar roots in why cricket is so popular around the world: humanity has no taste.

  • CAP

    This only proves soccer sucks in the US.

  • Omomatta

    I’m surprised at how many people actually watch MLB.

  • carlender

    Cricket is awesome. It’s the only sport where you are legally allowed to throw a hard leather ball at 90mph at a batsman’s head.

  • chim55

    why then are UFC not hitting 11 million ppv buys if there are 11 million “avid” fans out of 31 million total.

    I understand group viewing, streams and other factors, but to me this sounds like extrapolated projected nonsense, not unlike these Neilsen ratings that TV producers live and die by. I live in the UK, but to any Americans reading this, do you have a Neilsen box? No? (did nt think so) How many ppl do you know with a Neisen box? To me, this sounds like a similar steaming pile of conjecture.

  • Jim

    Cricket is awesome to play, test cricket Highlights are also awesome. But there’s no way I’m watching a 6 day match live, especially when you know half way through it’s going to end in a draw.

  • SST

    ‘Cause avid fans are cheap bastards like me.

  • Jarman

    Greasy shit conjecture or not, interesting to see that every other sport is on the decline in popularity, except hockey.

    And if soccer sucks (it does), then ya gotta admit boxing sucks more.

  • Reverend Clint

    chim think about how many people can only afford one $50 PPV every few months, if ever. Avid doesnt mean wealthy/stupid

  • MadMan

    …i guess it goes to show that openly gay sports finish last in America ;)

  • G Funk

    ^ Awesome