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Anderson Silva promises to murderize Chael Sonnen

Perhaps not willing to be outdone by random fans with sexual fight posters, Anderson Silva joined the verbal battle with Chael Sonnen and unleashed a torrent of pissed off Portuguese during yesterday’s UFC 148 media call. You can listen to his manager Ed Soares try to keep up in the videos above and after the jump, but here’s a more accurate translation provided by Brazilian fan VitorMLS1992 at Sherdog:

“This guy is a marginal, he is bad for this sport. He doesnt deserve to be in the UFC. He had problems with the American law, and problems with doping, he doesnt respect anything. He is an asshole. July 7th Im gonna put an end to his face and every one of his teeth.”

“Who lives on the past are museums. I’m gona hit him and thats what I’m gonna do. There isnt that much to do. I’m gonna hit him a lot. The playtime is over and the talking is over. Now is near the time of truth. I’m 100% and I’m gonna break his face. I’m gonna kick him out of the UFC. He’s gonna be beaten like never before. I’m gonna beat so he can be educated of everything his dad and mom didn’t teach him, so he learns to respect other people and their parents.”

“From the top, bottle, sideways or standing… he’s gonna receive a beating, he’s gonna get hit a lot. Theres no talking this time. When he goes inside the octagon is going to swallow every teeth from his mouth. I’m gonna rip off tooth by tooth. After I beat him a lot of people is going to scared of what is gonna happen with this sport.”

“I’m dedicated, prepared to do something no one ever did on UFC before, I’m gonna break Sonnen completely. Break his leg, break his face, break his arm, break completely. He is hearing right now, hes gonna receive a beating, someone is going to have to help him to get out of the octagon, because of the damage he’s going to receive.”

That may not add up to everything Chael has said over the past two years, but it’s a worthy response to “You Absolutely Suck” + that Medium Rare shirt. It’s like Anderson has finally gotten mad! Or realized he gets paid by the PPV and has decided to take the burden of selling the fight off Chael’s shoulders.

  • Jemaleddin

    I’ve always been a fan of striking from the bottle.

  • voice of reason

    all this talk is good but it’s not like chael didn’t piss him off the first time….. and andy got dominated everywhere (cue bs rib injury…yes i saw ‘like water’, it’s so fake it cud’ve been filmed after the fight… no medical records, nthng)
    it’ll be much of the same except andy has a better chance of catching sonnen as he comes in cos this time andy knows what sonnen did to him.

  • Reverend Clint

    im gonna laugh when anderson puts in his typical dance dance revolution performance

  • frickshun

    I bet on Andy’s first feint, Chael is gonna flinch so hard, he’ll be upside down hanging from the big screen.

  • ButtHorn

    “Anderson Silva promises to murderize Chael Sonnen”

    And that will be the highlight of his career.

    Chael Sonnen!

    Flamderson Shmilva,
    The GOED!

    Greatest Of Empty Division!

  • Nachtfalter

    It’s too bad Chael is going to start screaming for the ref to stop the fight long before Anderson can do even half the damage he’d like to but at least it will remind all the idiotic drones that Sonnen is a bitch, has always been a bitch and will always be a bitch.

    A criminal, racist, bigoted, idiotic, lying, cheating, idiotic, bad-for-the-sport, too-dumb-for-this-world, complete-embarrassment-for-humanity bitch to be a bit more accurate.

  • matthewpolly

    Is it just the Portuguese language or does Anderson sound more like he’s complaining about the service he’s received at a restaurant than like he’s just threatened Chael’s dentistry?

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