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Top Five Dumb UFC Moves

At UFC 24 the only fight Kevin Randleman got into was with some pipes lying on the ground. He was set to defend his heavyweight championship against Pedro Rizzo, but instead fell and knocked himself out cold backstage and was rushed to the hospital. I am sure the fans were excited to lose their main event at the last moment. Photo Credit: MMAWeekly

Every sport has a few athletes that simply do not think when they act, and MMA is no exception.  While there are certainly more than five times that UFC fighters have made mistakes, here are five of the dumbest actions by UFC fighters.

  • MaaFaka

    ” …but Kos is no idiot..”


  • Kosh Joshceck

    HE DID GET HIT!!!!!!

    In the replay they don’t go far enough back…2 seconds before the one that missed, there is one that connected.

    I can’t stand Kos but this is poor journalism damaging the name of a fighter

  • obama

    Listing anyone who insults Obama in a “dumb” list shows how stupid you are. You commie loving POS.

  • Garp

    Didn’t Wes Correia knock himself out before one of those Rumble of the Rock shows years ago? But I guess that’s non-UFC…
    Joe Son fighting without a cup has to be on the list too.

  • kwagnuth

    Lol I didn’t know about the Kevin Randleman one.

  • http://Fightlinker MT

    Volkman shouldn’t be on this list. Fightlinker continues to push Liberalism as the norm for every fan. Liberalism is a mental defect. You want to knock political views when it’s your point of view. Here you go Fightlinker, Obama just spent 100,000,000 (tax payer money) on a vacation to Africa! Get a grip on yourself and leave politics to the idiots that have the USA 17 trillion in debt…all due to socialist behavior. Bring it on if you want to get into a political debate, I will kill you with facts. Keep up the good work Volkman, don’t be a slave to Dana or Obama…two hypocrites!!

  • ph

    Volkman shouldnt be on this list…not because of the politics of what he said, but it was ONLY because of the obama rants that ANYONE started paying attention to him.

    If he stuck to the fights in his interviews, no one would care about him

  • TJ

    Volkman shouldn’t be on this list, what he did is not dumb, what is dumb is blindly following a flawed government.

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    Volkswagen shouldn’t be on this list as it is a car and does not qualify. Plus some moronic ranting about the government.