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8 women who could challenge Cris Cyborg

The general consensus amongst everyone in the universe right now is there is no one left for Cris Cyborg to face. Not now, and not in the foreseeable future. I don’t know if I can argue that it’ll be easy to find someone for Cris to fight in 4 months, but that has less to do with the depth of the women’s divisions than the way WMMA has been booked and promoted thus far. There’s several women that I know of that could challenge Cris Cyborg in the near future, so strap in and prepare for a little women’s MMA education.

Ronda Rousey

Why she’d be a challenge: You wouldn’t have to ask this if you’ve been following Ronda’s career thus far. Four pro fights and two ammy fights all finished by armbar in under a minute. She’s using that bronze medal level judo to throw everyone while simultaneously locking up the submission before they even hits the ground. She’s big enough to handle Cyborg’s power and has been competing against bully opponents in judo her whole life.

The roadblocks: Ronda left a life of judo with some shiny medals but not a lot of coin. She came into MMA to remedy that shortcoming, and has a very specific plan to maximize the amount of money she can make. That means going down to 135 and terrorizing the women down there until a superfight with Cyborg actually makes dollars and sense. They’re going to fight, but I wouldn’t expect it until late 2012, early 2013.