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Weekend Roundup

Here’s some news and notes regarding the weekend on shows I don’t care enough to post specific blog entries on:

Murilo Bustamante ran over Antonio Rogerio Nogueira like a truck at the MTL team finals … his team beat his former student’s team 4-1. This wasn’t the first truck to run over Nogueira, but I bet the last one wasn’t driven by his former coach. Murilo was humble in victory, saying “You eat that you fucking bitch of mothers! Brazilian Top Team pissed in you Black House. How it is sweet! I’m fucked you good!”

Miguel Cotto beat Shane Mosley in a pretty dull fight. I thought Mosley was doing pretty good in the first round and then they showed him in the corner looking like he was in round 8 and I knew things would go downhill from there. Mosley’s retarded dad kept telling him to “Go out there and have some fun!”, perhaps the most technical cornering advice I’ve ever heard in my life.

Josh Haynes got knocked out in the third round of an XFC show on Saturday. No word yet on what reality show he’ll run off to this time. Word is this was a slugfest and Haynes took another brutal beating. If only he would start winning, he could be like the American Sakuraba!

Brad Imes fought on Saturday but it must have been in some weird alternate dimension because the results don’t exist anywhere on the net. It’s pretty strange that you can get live play by play on Korean MMA but you’re fucked if you wanna find out what happened on Saturday in California.

And finally it was a bad night for gaijin as Joachim Hansen and Antonio Carvalho both lost their fights at Shooto Back to our Roots 6. Don’t worry though, nuthuggers will continue to rank Hansen above everyone in the UFC lightweight division no matter how many times he loses.

  • Atom

    The results from the card on which Brad Imes fought:

  • Thomas

    When people say that the TUF show puts out some good fighters you can counter this argument with Josh Haynes. Hes not a great fighter and he fought Count Douchbag in the TUF3 finals

  • ilostmydog

    Rodrigo Nogueira was the one to get run over by a truck, not Rogerio! Noob!

  • Audacity

    Yeah, I can’t believe you confused Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira with Antonio Rogerio “Minotoro” Nogueira. Jeez.

  • fightlinker

    those damned brazilians

  • Erin

    Hey now, PFC was randomly off in North Dakota for this show, so therefore it is ND that has the weirdo dimension.

  • fightlinker

    Damn, and I was secretly blaming you deep down for no results. Well that theory is shot. Plus I’ve had a real dog day for getting detailed facts right. Fuck.

  • Ted Dibiase


  • frickshun

    I think he’s secretly hording $$ for a tummy tuck. The only thing that makes my skin crawl more than obese people is former obese people with a lot of loose skin.

  • Xavier

    “Don’t worry though, nuthuggers will continue to rank Hansen above everyone in the UFC lightweight division no matter how many times he loses.”

    So sadly true.

  • Mike_N

    Stupid conscience: I want Haynes to succeed, if only for his sick son, but he can’t seem to get over that last hurdle of actually winning a fight. Why can’t I make the obvious joke about Haynes dropping weight until he can finally beat someone and ending up at 125? Oh…

    Joachim Hansen=Norse for “Joe Lauzon.”

  • marshal

    Why can’t they donate all that loose skin to Ethiopia and Michael Jackson nose jobs.

  • DannyP

    The Cotto-Mosely fight wasn’t that bad, just didn’t live up to the hype that’s all

    I didn’t pay for it though so who knows

  • Jonathan

    What, Joachim Hanson would beat the socks off of Penn and Stevenson….I mean, he has faced such higher quality opponents then either of those two. Plus, he beat Gomi!

  • Audacity

    Well, Mike_N, Josh “Bring the Tears” Haynes can blow me after he cried in TUF2, on an UFN card, and a plethora of miscellaneous occassions. I don’t really care how brave his son was laying unconscious on an operating table.

  • kentyman

    (It was TUF3, BTW.)