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A Battle For The G.O.A.T.


The waters surrounding Jon Jones’s future turned cloudy after the champion suffered a gruesome toe injury at UFC 159. How long would the injury keep him out? Who might be his next opponent? Could the inactivity force a move up to Heavyweight? Regardless of 159’s aftermath, one question still reigns supreme: Will Jonny “Bones” Jones ever fight Anderson “The Spider” Silva? I used to be a skeptic, but now more than ever I am seeing the light…

“A Battle For The G.O.A.T.”

Anderson Silva…
Jonny Bones Jones…
This matchup of Titans
Is full of unknowns

Lets first take a look
At the Spider’s sixth sense—
Could Jon’s injury
Nudge him over the fence?

The Spider might figure
His very best chance
For catching this threat
Is an atrophied stance

No matter how quickly
The toe of Bones of heals
It’s highly unlikely
He’ll roll on smooth wheels

And Silva is weakest
When flat off his back
So forcing a takedown
Is Jon’s best attack

But even if standing,
A win’s not secure—
The wingspan of Jones
Measures eight inches more

And Jon is a master
Of using his frame
While Jackson’s a master
Of planning his game

The speed goes to Silva,
The weight goes to Jones,
In boxing, speed kills
But in wrestling, weight owns

And both men are artists,
Their genius is pure,
Though Silva’s past fights
Leave me somewhat unsure

If Sonnen could take
Spider down at his will
Envision Bones throwing
Those elbows to kill

His knowledge keeps growing
With each passing day—
At some point in time
Silva’s prime will decay…

The Spider must strike
While the iron is hot,
Before any skills
Start to wither or rot

Two Pound-4-Pounds spirits
Will strengthen, not break
They both will transcend
Beyond all that’s at stake

There’s never a loser
When legends collide
The fans will respect
Fighters fighting for pride

I pray they lay ink
On what boxing can’t sign—
The Best vs. The Best
With the world on the line

And if Dana somehow
Corrals this ashore
I’ll bate every breath
For the epic in store

(poster by Nixson Sysanga)

  • 2wrongs

    I didn’t know there was a light verse department!

    I’d like to submit an interpretive dance about a potential Jones vs. Zuluzhino matchup.

    To whom should I address this to at your wonderful web magazine?

  • dick

    Your singsongy poems
    Are easy to write
    They’re very insipid
    And vapid and trite

    I hope you fuck off
    And die in a fire
    Or commit hara-kiri
    Hanging from wire

    It’s so very sad
    What this page has become
    This is so retarded
    That’s it; I’m done.

  • Reverend Clint

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    frick is a homo
    and nobody likes you

  • frickshun

    I’m only half

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Dick hit it right on the head (pun intended).

    Again, I appreciate your effort, but I also hate you for it. God bless.

  • Mike

    I’ve been a fan of Fightlinker since 2008, but the quality of the site has declined dramatically and these new writers suck. If I see one more poem, limerick or free verse update I’m done.

  • Blackula Jonez

    The poems are different and not what I expect from this site but it’s something I guess.

    The speed kills/weight owns line was an astute bit of prose though.