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A New Look For JDS When He Returns?

junior dos santos

Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos continues to rehab from a hand injury that knocked him out of a planned showdown with Stipe Miocic later this month.

While he does that, dos Santos also decided to get a new look.

No, not really, but it is pretty amazing what a full head of hair can do to a fighter.

“The remedy to grow hair is working,” dos Santos wrote. “What do you think? The medicine to grow hair is working well.”

Since “Cigano” is a beast of a man who could easily destroy most – other than Cain Velasquez – I’m just going to leave this alone and post the picture for your viewing pleasure.

  • robthom

    Out of the horribly obnoxious braz culture,
    Junior and Verdum are their saving graces!

    And they’re both obnoxious!

  • robthom

    JDS is a prematurely balding man.

    Thats the way it is sometimes,
    gosh is in charge of that.

    Maybe he can grow a super mustache.