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A preface

I just got done recording the first half of tomorrow’s podcast with Ryan, shortly before he calls up Jonathan Snowden, author of Total MMA and staff writer for Bloody Elbow, for an interview.  My pleas to remain on the line fell on deaf ears.


I believe Snowden is a quality writer with a deep wealth of knowledge about MMA and a true belief regarding how it’s future will be best served.  I also believe that he deliberately pushes an ideal for the sport that’s diametrically opposed to my own.  It’s the shiftiness that gets me.  Nate and Gross say they want co-promotion – that’s dumb, but honest.  Snowden doesn’t.  Nate comes right out and says that Melendez might be #1 after his next fight – Snowden merely lays the groundword for such an audacious leap of logic.


I’m 25 and I write for a couple of blogs.  I don’t have the connections, the history or the access that Snowden does.  None of those things makes him right or me wrong about any particular issue.  The jihad continues, and I can’t wait to see how Ryan treats him/yell at Ryan for treating him so nicely.

  • frickshun

    Hahaha….I think I’m falling for you Subotic!!


    I still hate you

  • GoldenArms

    subo is a fag

  • Rodriguez

    25? Shit, we might as well just put you out to pasture now, grandpa.

  • Schrute Boxe

    sorry what’s the point of this article

  • sandstorm

    i totally agree with what youre saying here. cant wait to hear the audio

  • Millertime

    Your 25? Grow the fuck up and stop being a whiny bitch. This shouldn’t be on the front page of Fightlinker. Put this in the forums or comments when it comes out. It makes this place look like trash.

  • Dove Strangler

    Snowden is consistently the worst mma “journalist” and is wrong about an amazing number of things, it blows my mind people even read what he writes anymore.

  • Tanhauser

    Snowden has connections?

  • npod

    There is only one interview with a frequent bloodyelbow contributor that would blow my mind: mmalogic

  • GoldenArms

    this just might be the dumbest, most worthless post I have ever seen at FL. I dont understand why Ryan lets this troll post here. Hes not funny and doesnt know shit.

  • Rodriguez

    “this just might be the dumbest, most worthless post I have ever seen at FL.”

    U-God, you must’ve missed my “Yahoo needs a fact-checker” post last year. That was epic garbage.

  • ArleneK

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  • P W

    Replace Subo with ArleneK!

  • Grappo

    Schrute- “sorry what’s the point of this article”


  • Omomatta

    This whole stirring the pot thing is starting to get a little….not funny, irritating, humiliating. Ryan, please make me a MOD so I can remove garbage like this from the site. Or let Clint take care of it…just do something.

  • Symbul

    Snowden didn’t wanna talk to you? :(

  • AZ Bored

    Snowden writes for reaction and controversy. I don’t believe he believes half the shit he says.

  • repenttokyo

    i agree with arlenek.

  • Márcio

    I LOL’ed at this article. Funny stuff.

  • frickshun

    Subo deserves a PROMOTION!! Look who he dragged out of the FL doldrums:
    1) motherfucking DOVE STRANGLER
    2) AZ BORED
    3) GRAPPO
    4) holy shit on a stick…..ARLENEK!!!!!!

  • fish tacos

    Take away this guys license to post.

    Rod, you pussy, write something.

  • subo

    Dove and AZ are two of my most prized converts.

    Marcio and P W are next

    I have, alas, given up on Goldenarms, much like his parents

    Et tu, Omo?


    I don’t even get a name drop? I guess i don’t hate hard enough.

  • subo

    you betrayed your roots when you changed your screen name

    just like FedorHadouken (aka Tanhauser)

  • glassjawsh

    omo actually has it right, the best way to get under subo’s skin is to rarely criticize him, that way when you actually do he is forced to pay attention

    snowden sucks, but sometimes subo is just as much of an attention whore (without the pretense)

  • Omomatta

    I just think Subo’s like the boogeyman. Ignore him and he’ll disappear.

  • chim55

    Snowdens book, Total MMA was a fantastic book that I will stand by.

    Saying that, I have nt read a lot of his recent articles so Im not best equipped to comment.