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A submission THEN a KO

Everyone who visits the site regularly knows I’m a sucker for a good gif. I’ve got tons of sites that feed me endless gifs every day from the strange and funny to the perverted and obscene (NSFW). I just recently found ForGifs, and they’re pretty good for random internet meme stuff plus random fight wackiness like you see above.

  • G Funk

    HA! That was great!

  • CAP

    Yeah that’s good stuff!

  • FiveBoltMain


  • caspersghost

    Anyone know anymore about this?

  • P W

    From some Shooto event?

  • mamoru

    It’s Toshimichi Akagi submitting Masaaki Sugawara and then knocking the fuck out of his own corner, from some shooto event around 2006 or whatever.
    Got the DVD around here someplace.

    Dude’s kind of intense.

  • frickshun

    He totally punched that guy.

  • iamphoenix


  • CAP

    DAMN! Just making sure.