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Affliction blackballed from EliteXC too

I find it pretty funny that people are so perplexed and/or outraged re: Affliction being banned from different events … first the UFC and now EliteXC as well. Let’s put it this way: having fighters wearing Affliction shirts at these events would be like having people drinking Pepsi in a Coke commercial (and not vomiting / bursting into flames as a result). As soon as Affliction revealed it’s intention to throw events, Dana White gave em the boot. EliteXC waited a bit longer (probably to make sure they weren’t just going to give up now like they should), but they’ve also banned the shirts now. And they’re fucking right to do it.

Now you know me … I’m a leftwing communist pinko, so I’m all about fighters making more money. But trying to blame the UFC and EliteXC for cutting into fighter sponsorships this time is kinda whack. It’s not like Affliction is sitting in the corner, minding it’s own business and saying “What did I do to deserve that???” They’re about to launch their own fucking promotion, people. Competition. Not indirect. Not kinda similiar. Direct competition.

Making this move and not expecting a ban like this was uber-shortsighted of the Affliction guys. As shortsighted as blowing several million dollars on their first event? It’s close. Because while their event is going to blow through a shitload of cash they’ve already made, the ban is going to cut their legs out from under them and keep them from making more money in the future. While Affliction is still the official brand of UFC meatheads everywhere, it won’t take long for another tacky company to take it’s place. Just please dear baby Jesus in your manger looking all cute and omnipotent, don’t let it be ‘One More Round’.

  • JackalAss

    You know, if it weren’t for all the meatheads, and the over priced nature of them, I might wear an affliction t-shirt.

    But man, those “One More Round” shirts are fucking hideous! All those articles of clothing should be burned along with their creators and their website servers.

  • Anonymous

    I can never understand why people bitch and moan about someone else wearing an Affliction/Tapout shirt. If you don’t like the shirts, fine, don’t buy them, don’t wear them, but why hate on those who do. They buy the shirts, and in turn Affliction/Tapout can sponsor fighters. I am all for supporting companies that sponsor fighters.

  • iamphoenix

    i’m not a meathead.

  • Jemaleddin

    @Anonymous: I completely agree with you. I don’t understand people complaining about things they don’t like. I’ve never heard of anyone doing something like that except MMA fans complaining about Affliction shirts. The rest of the world certainly keeps their opinions to themselves.

  • jd

    I’m with anonymous — affliction sponsors GSP, so they are ok in my book.

    As far as them promoting — bad idea. They had a ton of exposure on UFC shows for a while there, until they got banned. They should have stuck with being a main sponsor of top fighters rather than try to start their own thing.

    I guess they won’t ever be banned by boxing.

  • Alex

    I’d rather see “one more round” than “jesus didn’t tap”…

  • x5BoltMainx

    Perhaps they should hire the guys who do the Levi’s t-shirts. I bought a shirt this weekend and it’s fucking kicking wing!!

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    Our esteemed TUF hosts would insist that you mention Throwdown and Toe2Toe.

  • nem0

    Man, that airbrushy shit on those One More Round shirts is heinous. Makes it look like something off the side of a pot smoking metalhead’s van from the 80s.

    Affliction kind of annoys me because their shit is so painfully unoriginal. Oh shit, skulls and angel wings? CREATIVE. Though I have to admit I kind of like their polo shirts, if only because I like the idea of wearing heavily customized polo shirts.

  • Spork

    Id have to say the most appealing brand to me lately is hostility.

  • Peterw

    1 more round clothing looks horrible, but i wouldnt care if someone wore it, same with affliction. I think hostility is pretty wiggerish but at least they aren’t expensive.

  • Rich Bergeron

    Maybe I’m just confused, but I swore Dana White was wearing a Harley Davidson shirt with an Affliction-inspired design on one of the TUF episodes recently. What’s up with that, bald guy?

  • kentyman

    Yeah, I saw that too, Rich.