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Alexander Gustafsson knows how to mean mug

The UFC WORLD TOUR 2013 has kicked off to promote all the great fights in store for us this fall, and one matchup that’s getting a much needed shot in the arm is Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks Alex is being rushed into his title shot – like Lyoto Machida, I think Teixiera is the man with the real chance of taking out Bones. But somehow the above staredown makes me pause and reconsider my dismissal of Gustafsson. He may not win, but you know he’s gonna scrap.

(via /r/mma)

  • kwagnuth

    Jones: Oh no he’s putting his mug on me what should I do. Awkwardly makes eye contact so as not to look like a pussy.

  • kvelertak

    I like that Jones is fighting somebody his size and age… but he’s gonna mop the floor with Gus.

  • brent brookhouse

    Texiera wont beat him either.

    Jones will never lose @ 205 in his career.

    Jones is the real version of what anderson pretended to be.
    But in a legitimate division.

    So libtards will just have to deal with a proud and dominant Christian champion for the foreseeable future.

    I’m sure that it must be just as painful for you as obama was for conservatives.