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Ali Sonoma is single

Ali Sonoma was interviewed by Jarry Park and she blah blah blah bla bla blah blah. Oh, and she’s single again!

AH: Are you and Diego still together?

AS: No, we decided to call it quits based on our careers. I will be away for months-we are still best friends, though. We talk everyday. I do and always will love him. He is on a different level of any guy I have ever met.

Past that there’s some stuff about how everyone blamed her for Diego losing, what she’s doing now, and other stuff we don’t really care about. She says we can see her on MTV’s reality show “The Mag”, but I’m not really sure why a reality show would need a girl to wander around holding a numbered placard. It’s just one of those mysteries, I guess.

  • Big D D

    first dibs

  • bmiller

    call me crazy, but in a lot of pics. that i have seen of her. i dont think she is that good looking.

  • bmiller

    i meant to add, not her body her face. she is some what of a butterface

  • The Grass Hoppa

    if you want to improve how good looking her face is, stick your cock in her mouth……. she will look a whole lot better and you will stop complaining ;)

  • jewboy

    She’s on the left. That’s a dog on the right.

  • dignan

    Diego = Small Cock

  • Wu Tang

    Best friends after a break up, ahehehee. How would diego feel if 7 girthy big black men would bone her infront him… hmmm…. Would she still feel the same for him… hmm… Plus she gave dirty sanchez STD’s, so yeah.

  • Dru Down

    With Diego and Burkman out of the respective pictures, I can finally go back to whacking it to three-way fantasies of Ali and Arianny! It’s a Christmas miracle!

  • Accomando

    She left Diego for a golden retriever?

    Man, what a loser he must be.

  • Lifer

    diego’s on a whole other level of crazy devotion to god and jesus. i’m pretty sure that was what brought them together.

  • matt(tapout name shitstain)

    I think Diego is into man meat.

  • ajadoniz

    weren’t they engaged? good for Diego, why be with someone who loves their retriever more than you. if this doesn’t fire up Diego to his old self, i dont know what will… maybe if someone told him God didn’t exist? hmmm.