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Alistair Overeem cut from Strikeforce

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. Looks like Zuffa ain’t willing to sing Overeem’s tune either. I guess it was inevitable. Alistair has effectively taken over Fedor’s position as the top overhyped heavyweight out there, and as such can make more money for easier fights outside the Zuffa fold. So instead of Overeem vs Silva, Overeem vs Velasquez, Overeem vs Dos Santos, or Overeem vs Anyone Relevant, we’ll get … I dunno. Something less compelling. Anti-woot :-(

  • Morghen

    FINALLY. Overeem vs. Bob Sapp can happen.

  • iamphoenix

    what a bitch move to cut a fighter that is over rated, a fighter who only fights cans and is obviously taking steroids like a champ he is, a fighter that avoids fighting BEFORE we get to see him get knocked out WTF STRIKEFORCE

  • Symbul

    That’s a pity, assuming it’s true.

    Ah, apparently everyone’s chiming in on it. Been in the works for a bit it seems and press were keeping their mouths shut.

  • Redping

    I like overeem, he’s big and scary and seems like a down-to-earth dude at the same time.

    If he continues to do K-1 I won’t mind so much. a zuffa contract meant he would have to never fight anybody anywhere ever again except in zuffa, which isn’t really overeems galivanting-around-the-world style. You’ll still see him fight a few people. I’m keen to see Kharitonov vs Reem, which prolly wouldve been the finals of the SFHWGP anyway

  • Jericco1181

    YEA! if only he faced real competition like Big washed up Nog, and One dimensional token black guy Kongo, and Glass jaw Lesnar.


    Haters gunna hate ..l.. ~_~ ..l..

  • Reverend Clint

    ^yeah cause todd duffee, brett rogers, fujita and james thompson are real world beaters.

    Win 35-11 (1) Fabricio Werdum
    Win 34–11 (1) Todd Duffee shit
    Win 33–11 (1) Brett Rogers shit/wife beater
    Win 32–11 (1) Kazuyuki Fujita old can
    Win 31–11 (1) James Thompson young can
    Win 30–11 (1) Tony Sylvester aussie can
    Win 29–11 (1) Gary Goodridge old broken can
    NC 28–11 (1) Mirko Filipovic had to resort to cock shots
    Win 28–11 Mark Hunt Kiwi can
    Win 27–11 Lee Tae-Hyun Korean can
    Win 26–11 Paul Buentello mexi-can
    Loss 25–11 Sergei Kharitonov
  • iamphoenix

    you mean…mexi-can can

  • Reverend Clint

    sounds like a trick you would do on tony hawk


    I would have liked to have seen him stay with Zuffa and finish out the tournament or at least fight the winner. Then go on to fight guys like Cain, JDS…. but he did this to himself. He tried to flex on them and they flexed back. Not fighting in September is one thing, that can be over looked. But he drew a line in the sand when he decided to run his mouth about doing boxing, K-1 and fighting in other organizations. Saying dumb shit like “I’m really not going to sing to their tune” and then taking a fight in October pretty much sealed his fate.

    In the end this was an easy decision for Zuffa and they come out on top. He had one fight left on his contract and I really didn’t see him signing an exclusive deal or them giving him an open contract that would allow him to fight in other MMA promotions or K-1. I think he was going to leave anyway and this just alleviates all the bullshit that was going to happen like him holding the HW tournament and belt hostage while they wasted time trying to hammer out a deal. It also sends a strong message to everyone else.

    Also helps that he looked like shit in his last fight so he leaves on a semi low note. He may be their HW champ but it’s better for them to end the relationship on their terms instead of him just walking away. The tournament makes this whole process easier as well since all they need to do is make the finals a championship fight and they’ve got a new champ.

  • Reverend Clint

    sergei=champ since he was the last guy to beat Overoids

  • glassjawsh

    fuck fuck fuck mother fuck a fucking fuck fuck!!!

  • FiveBoltMain

    if you act like a bitch, you get treated like a bitch.

  • Letibleu

    Now when I walk into the sports bar tomorrow I will bring a newspaper because it might be raining nutthuggers. Let me explain:

    Fedor lost his luster, most Fedor nuthuggers I knew swung over to Overeem’s testicles since Fedor was shedding his pubes. Overeem started losing his own pubes against flip flip Werdum. The nuthuggers need new pubes to hang on to and if Fedor loses tomorrow it will rain homeless nuthuggers that have nobodies pubes left to hold on to. Maybe the winner of Kharitonov vs Barnett would inherit them.


    Here is to hoping Fedor wins easily against Hendo and drops to 205 for a last hoorah of a career.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Another reason to hate heavyweights. No other weightclass has fighters who are so arrogant to believe that they don’t have to fight the best in the world but are better off just cashing checks smashing various bums.


    But since they are heavyweights by default more fans are going to be interested in seeing them fight no matter the quality of the opponent.


    I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more to this story.

  • Grappo


    Eddie Alvarez

  • Jim Harbaugh Scramble

    “Glass jaw Lesnar”

    How does he have a glass jaw? He ate a shit ton of punishment from Carwin and Cain and was still conscious.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    So the latest episode of the Reem came out the same day his release was announced showing him at the doc’s getting checked for a severely fractured rib.  Either he’s trying to cover his ass against Forza or setting up his jump to Zuffa.  It seems like the former, but who knows.

    Dana would be quite the punk bitch to fire him for needing an extra month of recovery and camp as his doc indicated.

    This should keep the internets busy for a few more days once Fedo and Hendor are through.

  • CAP

    what jawsh said +fucking fuck.