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“Almost the whole team doesn’t like him”

Tatame has more on the whole situation between Hermes Franca, American Top Team, and Marcus Aurelio. Here’s the situation in Aurelio’s words:

Obviously he got out pissed, but we weren’t friends for a long time ago. He always was a little fishiness, and a lot of people were pissed with him. Almost the whole team doesn’t like him. The funny thing is that not only people from our team doesn’t like him. A lot of people called me wanting to help me for this fight, it was pretty funny, people calling me and saying: “Marcus, I wanna help you. You have to beat up this guy!”

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    I never mentioned hnivag any issues with a fighter putting on weight in the run up to a fight. For example a fighter could walk around at say 170 on a day to day basis and signs up to fight at 185. He can then use his 10 week fight camp to bulk up to the 185 limit. This would not be an issue for a world class athlete as he would be able to time his camp so that he is peaking at that weight just before the fight. What I’m suggesting would be a monumental shift in the fight game and I know that its never likly to happen but I truly believe that one fighter gaining an advantage because he is better at cutting weight than another is something that in no way helps the sport.

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