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An important moment in sports history

All Elbows is back with another great video, this time focusing on the TUF 18 tryouts. For me it perfectly captures this watershed moment as the UFC opens its doors fully to female fighters. The passion and joy these women bring is visible in every frame, and goddamn if I didn’t get choked up a little watching this. I’ve been blogging about MMA for over 5 years and back in the day women were lucky to get two three minute rounds in some buttfuck podunk promotion. The UFC and fans were nowhere near considering WMMA to be a legit thing that deserved attention.

How far we have come! How far things can still go! I have all the faith in the world that women’s MMA will continue to grow and flourish until it stands equal with its male counterpart. All these women are taking part in history, and it’s going to be pretty awesome as a fan to watch things unfold.

  • Higgz

    So far, every Alaskan fighter who has tried out for TUF has at least made it to fight to get in the house. We’ll see if Nikki “Knuckles” Knudsen can get her 2-1 self in there.