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Anarchy arrives in Strikeforce

“Take that, The Man!”

After more than 4 years wandering the wilderness, UFC veteran Jeff “The Snowman” Monson (42-11) will return to the big leagues on June 18th at “Strikeforce: Overeem vs Werdum” as a replacement against wrestling whiz Daniel Cormier (7-0).  Cormier was set to face fellow undefeated heavyweight Shane del Rosario in a reserve bout for the HW Grand Prix, until the latter was TKO’d by a drunk driver last month.

Monson is now 40 years old, but age is just a number to self-professed anarchists, so he’s fought 12 times since the start of 2010 (including twice last month alone), and is currently riding an 8-fight win streak.  He’s bounced around in pretty much every bushleague and Japanese promotion known to man since leaving the UFC in late 2006 (after losing a title shot against Tim Sylvia), going 19-5 with wins over the likes of Ricco Rodriquez, Roy Nelson, GP semifinalist ” target=”_blank”>Sergei Kharitonov, Jason “The Shitty” Guida, uber-can-smasher Travis Fulton, and former KOTC champ Tony Lopez, plus losses to Pedro Rizzo (twice), Josh Barnett, Travis Wiuff, and something called a Shamil Abdurahimov.

Since he walks around at a fireplug 5′-9″ and 230 lbs, Monson has been talking about dropping to 205 and making another run at either the UFC or Strikeforce since late last year, but somehow just keeps ending up fighting the big boys.  Although Cormier outweighs Monson by about 20 lbs, at only 5′-11″ himself, he’s probably a chubby 205-er too.  With 62% of Monson’s wins coming by submission, combined with Cormier’s decorated amateur wrestling career, this is sure to be either a sweet ground or shitty stand-up battle.

Monson’s apparently already scheduled to fight in France on May 28th against Latvian kickboxing crossover Konstantin Gluhov, but considering that’s exactly 3 weeks before the Cormier bout, I have to wonder if that match will soon be cancelled.  Not that Monson hasn’t fought that frequently before (far from it), but one would think he’d want to be fresh for his Strikeforce debut… but then again, he’s not known for making wise decisions.

Though the Cormier/del Rosario match was to be a Grand Prix reserve bout, it’s as-yet unclear if Monson/Cormier will be considered as part of the tourney.  The all-heavyweight main card for “Overeem vs Werdum” now looks like so:

GP Quarterfinal:
  Alistair “The Reem” Overeem vs Fabricio “The Joker” Werdum
GP Quarterfinal:  Josh “Boldenone” Barnett vs Brett “The Grim” Rogers
GP Reserve:  Valentijn “The Other” Overeem vs Chad “Sideburns” Griggs
Daniel Cormier vs Jeff “The Snowman” Monson
Gina “Cannoli” Carano vs Sarah “The Monster” D’Alelio

KJ “Michael Knight” Noons vs Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal
Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante vs Justin “The Silverback” Wilcox

  • frickshun

    Michael Knight…..HA!!

  • dola

    I really like Monson, I think he’s a very sharp human being who thinks deeply and articulates his opinions quite well. Check out this recent interview for a good example of what I’m talking about:

    I hope that he pulls out of the Gluhov fight so that he is his freshest to make a statement in his Strikeforce fight. Going down to 205, if he can handle it, would be awesome.

    Here’s hoping that in 2012 we see a Jon Jones vs. Jeff Monson bout: it’s the Dark Ages vs. the Enlightenment grudge match for the fate of planet Earth!!!

  • CAP

    Yeah I don’t mind Monson. He’s pretty one dimensional but he’s damn good on the ground. 205 should be a better fit for him. Should be a good card.

  • Reverend Clint

    ive been a Monson fan after the north south choked Brandon Lee Hinkle or Lee Harvey Oswald

  • shillyer

    I competed against him in the US open of grappeling (I think is was 2009) he was fucking strong and looked really mean and scared me a little. and he won by points 

  • CAP

    ^No shit! He does look like a scary dude.

  • shillyer

    yeah barnett was there too (not competting) they were like the steroid twins.

    monson is way scarier though, 

  • Reverend Clint

    same weight, same skill set… smaller faster package. like a mini t rex

  • frickshun

    Shill is so good @ grappling that he doesn’t even have to spell the motherfucker right!!

  • shillyer

    I dno’t hvae to selpl aynhtnig rghit 

  • frickshun

    I haev on ieda waht oyu jtus siad.

  • iamphoenix

    kasd;gn kl;cv k l;nv kl i don’t get it.

  • CAP

    ( . Y . )