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And Chuck said “Let there be ass”. And there was. And yea, it wuz good.

Thank God for Chuck Liddell. Today has been a completely boring day as far as MMA news goes. When the top story is that there’ll be weigh-ins tomorrow and a replay of EliteXC on Saturday, you know shit is slow. But we can always rely on more pics of Chuck Liddell engaged in totally awesome debauchery of one description or another. How long till a sex tape? Two years, tops.

  • kentyman

    He must’ve drank a lot of water while out at that club.

  • steve24

    I think a big reason why Chuck is under constant criticism about his party habits is because he’s almost 40 years old. Paris Hilton is a little too young for him, and he is a little too old for clubs. Most guys his age should be getting rest before they hop in a cage.

  • fightlinker

    Just to be clear: I’M NOT CRITICISING.

    Train all day, fuck all night. Seems like the way to be a fucking GOD

  • jlayne3

    He is my hero…I want to be Chuck when I grow up!

  • garth

    doesn’t chuck have a stripper pole at his house? he may not be out at a club after all…

    i’m thinking of the tapout ep with antonio banuelos (“chuck’s bitch” as he calls himself)

  • garth vader

    Hopefully when I’m 40, I can still pull hot 20 yr. old ass at the clubs. Chuck – you is my hero.

  • steve24

    fightlinker: I’m talking about people’s comments on all the other blogs. Everybody thinks him staying up half the night distracts him from his fights i guess. I could care less what he does, I bet against him every time anyway. So I hope he does drink and party through the night 24 hrs before a fight and has a huge hangover the next day.

  • Thomas

    If I was in Chucks position I’d be smashing chicks left and right. Hes only getting shit cus he got finished by Rampage

  • dragomort

    You guys need to get awards on this stuff. Honestly.

  • jazzn

    Oh no, he’s got her back! Might not mean anything though. Everyone knows he’s got no ground game.

  • ted dibiase

    omg these pics are hilarious

  • marshal

    Chuck makes me envious of the pure bliss of being the alpha male caveman.

  • jazzn

    BTW WTF is he dressed up as???

  • Erin

    He really does seem very intrigued by that chick’s ass in the first picture. It’s not like he’s never seen one up close and personal before.

  • marshal

    Cavemen are all instinct, they don’t remember the last ass they saw. Imagine the possibilities!

  • ted dibiase

    yeah really, what the hell is chuck supposed to be?

    a half-assed dracula with a kangaroo pouch?

  • jazzn

    One of Santa’s helpers maybe…

  • Thomas

    fyi.. post like these is why this is my new favorite site

  • marco9690

    I love the one of Chuck, Paula Abdul and the 2 photo-shopped trannys………..I suspect Chuck ended up wearin those hand cuffs….good thing he’s got $$ in the bank, cuz he ain’t gettin the belt back in this life time….

  • Tommy

    Someone should have told Chuck that gurls make for weak legs. Maybe he should have watched Rocky or Raging Bull or sometin.

  • marshal

    Jardine told him

  • Alexander

    Let to have a fun:)
    I think chuck will be “to die” on the ring if he wiil to fight vs Fedor
    From Russian with love=)