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And now Frank Mir is out with an injury

The unprecedented injury bug that has devastated the UFC as of late took another bite out they ass last night when MMAJunkie revealed that Frank Mir was forced to withdraw from his November 3rd Strikeforce bout against Daniel Cormier, possibly due to a knee injury. This bug, curse, pandemic, Rapture, anal thrashing – whatever we’re calling it nowadays, is downright vicious, and seems to have an appetite that will not be satisfied.

This is horrible news. Before Mir agreed to cross over to Strikeforce to face Cormier, the rumor mill had MMA whipping boy Tim Sylvia as an option simply because there are no quality big dudes left in Strikeforce. So what the hell do they do now? They can find a replacement, although they won’t find one as legitimate and marketable as Mir, or they can scrap the fight.

Cormier is a top notch heavyweight. He needs to be kept active. Luckily they still have six weeks to the show – ample time to find a replacement. As far as I know, Fabricio Werdum isn’t locked into another fight. He’d make a fine challenge for Cormier. Aside from him, there just aren’t a lot of name value giants out there to choose from.

So can the UFC pull another rabbit out of their already sore ass and save this card? If they can’t get Werdum, maybe they go back to Timmy. I know Sylvia has more pressing business to attend to, like a 5th fight with Andrei Arlovski, but maybe he’d put that on the back burner for the chance to get back under the Zuffa umbrella and partake in a fight that actually matters.

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  • Reverend Clint

    i vote kharitonov

  • frickshun

    Kharitonov suxx. Take him & the rest of the crew back to PRIDE.

  • Letibleu

    Is Mark Hunt healed up?

  • kvelertak at work

    Mir really wants to lose in SF, I bet.

    Cormier proves nothing by beating him either as Mir loses to everybody not named Kongo.

    Not crying over this.

  • randlemansvertical

    After seeing his fight with JDS I’m surprised Mir would get injured in training seeing as how he looked like he didn’t train for that fight at all.

  • bosswell

    Woah, Werdum vs. Cormier. That would be a waaaaay better fight than Cormier Mir. Unfortunately for Dana, Werdum just isn’t as well known (which is fucking stupid. He’s the first guy to beat fucking Fedor).

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    Mir’s injury arose when he realised Cormier hits REALLY HARD. Get Brerck Larsner back in to throw Cormer around a bit.