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…and we’re back. Again.

Twice in one week. Running a website is fun!

  • G Funk

    eye like dee chroneek!

  • epic

    smoke ennnn dreenk

  • P W

    GSPs muay thai coach came of as a more interesting character than anyone in the house. And he made MMA fighters look like weaklings.

  • DukeOfEarl

    Kos was petting the man’s shaggy and asked him if he had gone to rehab today. He truly goes out of his way to be a sphincter.

  • Tanhauser

    weaklings and pussies.

  • Jarman

    Josh Kosh B’gosh is a complete sphincter, i wanna see him smashed repeatedly by heavyweights….but in this case, he was asking the muay thai coach if he’d gone to Rehab, the crazy pool-bar-party in Vegas….I think it starts on sat and sun morning and goes all day.

  • DukeOfEarl

    Hahaha that Rehab part was lost on me. Sweetass, i say!

  • Gina’s boy toy

    Funny gif