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Anderson Silva isn’t going anywhere

Anderson Silva’s manager has been making the rounds, saying a lot of interesting stuff about the Spider’s future. That he’d be retiring in three or four fights. That they didn’t want to fight Chael Sonnen. Now Anderson has come out and personally addressed the situation:

“I’ll fight for another six or seven years and then I’ll stop. I stopped to think about it and I’ll postpone my retirement for a little longer. Then I’ll think about TV. I guess it’s interesting”, said Anderson, who recently had a documentary launched and stared on a soap opera.

On the interview, Anderson also commented on a possibility of fighting Chael Sonnen again.

“He doesn’t deserve to fight me. The most important thing he didn’t do: defeating me. He was caught on the drug test, which was the worse,” Anderson said, making hard critics towards the American.

“I believe he shouldn’t be on the sport, because he has no emotional control. While trying to provoke me, he makes the sport looks bad. He made bad comments, offended me and my wife”, he said.

If only someone could teach him a lesson. Maybe punch him in the face or kick his ass or something. That would be awesome.

  • frickshun

    He got paid to stare on a soap opera?! He’s finally made it….

  • Billytk

    At this point anderson should just admit he’s afraid of losing since it’s become obvious to everyone. And really how hypocritical is it of anderson of all people to call someone else disrespectful and say they make a mockery of the sport when he’s done much much worse then just talking trash to hype a fight

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    I wouldn’t dare say that Anderson Silva is afraid of any man, but I’m sure that Ed Soares is. Anderson must have made Ed a millionaire and then some. I’m sure that the trauma of watching his prized cash cow come within seconds of losing the belt still keeps Soares up at night.

    Anderson has a massive ego (albeit a deserved one) and if Ed keeps telling Silva that Chael is beneath him, his ego makes him believe it. In all honesty, Chael has infinitely more to gain with a remtach than Anderson, but if he chirps enough (and the fans are loud enough) eventually the two will have to fight again. Anderson’s legacy will not be compete without a rematch and I can’t imagine him retiring with Sonnen holding that over his head and shit-talking him. Finally, there’s simply no one else at the front of the line after Sonnen just trashed the number one contender (Bisping doesn’t count and Miller might submit him anyway).

    PS – funny how the test results from Chael’s last fight in Texas were handled privately and never released. You’d think the UFC would post Sonnen’s results on every MMA site just to prove to the athletic commissions (and the fans) that this ordeal is behind him. Anyone want to bet that his TRT samples are still through the roof?

  • Danjo

    Silva is one of the best MMA fighters in the world, if not the best.

    I hate his ass though. Grade A douchenozzle. Taunts like a punk ass bitch in the cage, and pretends he doesn’t know English outside of the cage. Fuck Silva.

    Sonnen is a royal fuckup in his own right, but a rematch would benefit the entire MMA world. Silva would get to put the doubters and haters to rest (or prove them right), Sonnen would get one more chance to put up or shut the fuck up, and the rest of us would get a kick ass show.

    I do believe Sonnen would lose, for the record.

  • iamphoenix

    too many word in the comments. I’m very angry about this. DID NOT READ.

  • CAP

    Danjo you’re fucking spot on. Eat shit.

  • Spicoli

    That fight will happen and Anderson will destroy Chael this time.

  • Blackula Jonez

    If I didn’t know any better I would think that Sonnen beat Silva in their first fight.

    Let say the rematch happens and Silva wins again, what does that prove?

    If Sonnen wins, does Silva get a instant or win one fight and get a rubber match?


    I understand its the fight people want to see, but even with his new guard passing ablity I still see Sonnen not only losing but getting finished….AGAIN.

  • malonth

    For big PPV numbers, there is only one big middle weight fight around now: Sonnen v. Silva. There was a rumor that Silva and Belfort would coach the Ultimate Fighter Brazil. But is there anyone that would give a crap about Silva v. Belfort II? No way.

    So if not Sonnen, I can only think of two non-repeat bouts for Silva: Bispeng and Mark Munoz. Both of those guys would get slaughtered by Silva. As far as PPV, even with a solid under card, those fights would be lucky to garner 300,000 buys.

    With that said, I think what you are seeing is Silva and manager playing their part to Sonnen’s heel. What better way to fuel the fire than say that heel is undeserving and a drug cheat?

  • Billytk

    I don’t know doesn’t seem like they’re “playing” and if they are they seem to be the ones portrayed as the “heel” in this equation since most people are getting pissed at them and calling silva out for being afraid

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Only worthless crackahs think the champ who won is afraid of the gassy juice-bag he already choked-out.  No offense to any dumb brown people who also think that, but I know there are few enough of you to disregard, plus yer fucking dumb. Same to any honkies or crackahs who don’t think he’s afraid. The disregarded bit, not the dumb bit.

  • CAP

    Then Andy should move up cuz there’s not much left at MW.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Rumble just moved up and there’s still The Raping of The Count to be done. Rumble will murder Belfort and Bisping is very likely to get past Miller.

  • CAP

    I get that but those aren’t the BIG fights Andy has said to want a part of. If he wants the high profile fights they are at LHW.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Oh, I agree – but now he’s added JBJ to his list of people he won’t fight, that only really leaves Hendo2, Shogun, Rampage and Rashad.  All of which are good, but I think he’ll get Bisping and Rumble after Belfort before he leaves.  By then we’ll also see how Weidman comes of age.  If he’s for real about the six or seven years, he’s still got time to build some heat with Chael.  Right now only Hardcore flavors of fan know about this thing because while 600k bought the original less than half bought the card where he issued the challenge.

    Plus he he’s a juicebag who gasses and lost to a cripple.  This fight isn’t everything the blogosphere makes it out to be.  But everyone wants to see Bisping get obliteraped.


  • CAP

    Count me in on that. Seems like a waste of a Silva fight but totally worth it!!

  • Redping

    oh yeah, that’s bad for the sport, but brazilian class warfare abuse in the middle of a match against the perfectly respectful demian maia, is A-OK.

    Anderson proved that you can be so skilled that it makes us overlook your personality, or even see it favourably despite its clear flaws (like with nick diaz or like some people worship chael). Chael and Anderson are both cases of this, regardless of who’s a cheater and who lies about speaking english

  • Reverend Clint

    andersons stars on a soap opera… chaels life is a soap opera.

  • agentsmith

    ^ I don’t watch soap operas, but I’m pretty sure hypogonadism is a pretty rare plot line.

  • Reverend Clint

    its mostly telanovellas

  • Danjo

    Someone up above me wrote that Pissbang will beat Miller.

    I’m too lazy to scroll up and see who you are, but you are fucking wrong.

    Also, CAP: Get fucked with that.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    It’s fucked-up because I want Mayhem to win, but I really want Bisping to fight Silva.

  • CAP

    So you want Bisping to lose, but you want him to lose in brutal embarrassing fashion. That’s respectable.