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Anderson Silva smells good

More fun from Anderson Silva’s Brazilian biography:

In a macho world such as fights, Anderson makes a bold statement when he says “I’m kind of effeminate. Do not talk about the tone of voice. He was always horrible, split bamboo. What I say is that everyone is using ‘effeminate’, and I am more than others. Victoria Secret creams, perfumes, beauty masks before bed.”

The habit has earned jokes among colleagues training, teacher and friend as the Minotaur, who usually play, “Gee, the n*gga is all funky. Good training is the n*gga that n*gga is all funky.”

The UFC middleweight champion explains: “There is nothing biologically wrong with it. Women like a good smelling man!”


  • TheWrongdoorWrangler

    Are we sure that he doesn’t have a vagina?

    Chicks in Brazil have dicks.

    I assume that they must procreate somehow.

  • Symbul

    That’s bad even for google translate.

  • TheWrongdoorWrangler

    You think he pee’s sitting down?

    He might even have the toilet with the water jet to keep his delicate fanny clean and fresh.

  • Jeremy

    I guess Chael is going to get arrested for beating a woman.

  • Komodo


  • G Funk

    The WrongdoorWrangler has to be the gayest name on the site.