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Anderson Silva would rather fight a different Jones

Anderson Silva would rather fight a different Jones

I’ve been around too long. I remember when TUF n00b was considered an insult towards Johnny Come Latelys who had hopped on the MMA bandwagon after the Griffin / Bonnar fight in 2005. Now that makes you a pretty oldschool motherfucker. And this oldschool motherfucker has realized he starts too many posts with “I remember when…”, in this case “I remember when Anderson Silva first started calling out Roy Jones Jr back in 2009.” It was ridiculous then and it’s even more ridiculous now, which didn’t stop Anderson Silva from bringing it back up:

Silva, the undisputed pound-for-pound best MMA fighter in the world, told The Post in a phone interview Wednesday that he would want to get into a ring or a cage with Jones Jr. “much, much more” than engage in a UFC champion vs. champion superfight with Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre.

“I think everyone’s got something they’re focused on and that’s my own desire, something I’d like to do,” Silva said through a translator. “Maybe one day when I’m done my UFC career I will box Roy Jones.”

Silva said he’d be interested in taking on Jones Jr. twice – once in a bout with MMA rules and another in a boxing ring. He said he knows Jones Jr. and calls him “a great champion.”

When asked about the possibility of fighting The Spider, Roy Jones Jr told TMZ “I would love it … Call me and we’ll make that happen.” But don’t expect this thing to come together so long as Dana White is calling the shots:

“I could do it, make it huge, make money, but I could have done a fight like this when we were bleeding money [in the early 2000s],” White told CBS “The fight would make some money, but it hurts MMA in the long term. We don’t do that because we love the sport. That’s a PRIDE or K-1 matchup. It’s not what we do.”

Well, you did it with James Toney and Randy Couture. And who knows what is possible when ‘Anderson the artiste’ is concerned. It’s interesting that this came up after Jon Jones and Georges St Pierre were mentioned – it seems pretty clear to me that those guys are gonna milk the UFC for everything they can before agreeing to fight Silva. Will Silva do the same and make the UFC give him the Jones Jr fight?

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    Nobody comments anymore…. :(

  • Former Jackal

    Of course nobody comments. The site has been going downhill for a while, then became terminally ill when stmx was allowed to publish his shamefully bad idiocy. I’d like to think of the new design as euthanasia. Rest in piece, Fightlinker. I hope Ryan can still function in a 9 to 5 world…

  • glassjawsh

    I’ve heard people say that this site was going to shit for the last 5 years. usually it’s because of how awful everyone thinks the (volunteer) writers are or because of how shitty they think the latest redesign handles. they complain a lot but always ended up sticking around. this time feels different though. I blame it on rebellion forcing mainstream down the throats of a readership that was always attracted to this place because it wasnt Sherdog or Bloody Elbow. It felt like the island of the lost souls where all the people who were either too ridiculous or too impatient for the heavily moderated sites to come and act like savages. I can’t blame ryan for it, but once he sold the site it simply lost its edge. then he let the forums die (which literally kept this place alive a few times) and everyone just sort of moved on. no more podcasts certainly didn’t help either.

    haven’t seen leti or omo or butters or Phoenix or DJ or scissors or that Mexican kid or that crazy Cuban asshole with the homoerotic av post in forever. Fuck, even Derek is gone.

  • CAP

    Sure as hell ain’t what it used to be. RM was the downfall. Feast on your shame chips Ryan.

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    Fightlinker….Dead to me.

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    this is definitely not the real fightlinker. it’s like the heart and soul was sucked away by rebellion media. they’re a bunch of pussy fart cock eaters. I guess as long as ryan’s butthole is being tickled he doesn’t care.