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Anderson Silva’s aunt dies

(the saddest picture of Anderson Silva Sherdog could find)

Well shit:

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva was in Curitiba, Brazil on Tuesday following the death of his aunt. Her name was not immediately available, but a source close to the fighter confirmed that the woman had raised Silva from his youth and that he thought of her as his mother. She passed away Monday.

According to the source, Silva was already in Miami for the opening ceremonies of his gym. He learned of his aunt’s condition on Friday and reportedly tried to leave for Brazil on Saturday morning, but there were no flights. He then went to his gym for a few hours before flying to Curitiba in the evening.

Let this be a lesson to everyone out there: never question the validity of a person’s family emergencies or God might kill someone to make you feel like a total jackhole.

  • Wad

    Let’s hear the fuckers calling him a liar now.

  • Jemaleddin

    Was there any doubt that MFS was full of assholes?

  • KillerPMS


  • ninjitsu

    I think his next opponent needs to mock his aunt in the pre-fight hype.

  • chuck

    rich franklin prayed for it to happen :(

    ps. just got my free TECHNO VIKING shirt in the mail you guys made me so damn happy!

  • Gong

    Oh my God D;

  • Suparaf

    I mean… may Anderson’s aunt R.I.P. but isnt it still kinda shady that he still had two seminars booked at the same time ?

  • Boshy Claus

    Nice Call FL… You mofo’s are dead. Watch out for the knees!!

  • clint notestine

    Well i already know Im evil but I do feel bad about talking shit about Anderson.