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Anderson Silva’s Damage Worse Than Suspected, Includes Brain Injury

Anderson Silva’s Damage Worse Than Suspected, Includes Brain Injury

Anderson Silva broke his leg in the cage in horrifying fashion at UFC 168, and as Chris Weidman’s hand was raised in victory and the middleweight championship belt placed around waist, the Brazilian was left screaming as the doctors set his fractured tibia and fibula and strapped him to a gurney for a hasty Octagon exit. Sadly, while initial reports indicated that Silva had only broken the bones of his shin, it’s become clear the legendary fighter also suffered some sort of serious brain injury.

In other words, that cat is out of his damn mind.


MMAFighting’s Brazilian correspondent Guilherme Cruz was on hand to witness the mania unfold:

“No, I don’t think (Weidman should consider it a win). It was an accident. And I’m pretty sure I would have won the fight.”

During the interview, Silva rewatched the fight and said he made some technical mistakes before throwing the leg kick.

“I can see some technical mistakes I did in the fight,” he said. “To land the perfect kick, I needed to distract him by punching him in the face so he wouldn’t pay attention to the kick. He was protecting the upper part of his body, and the raised leg instinctively. The kick was so strong he lost balance.”

It’s a tragic thing when such a respected and beloved fighter falls from the heights of human ability to the depths of delusion, but it’s clear Silva forgot the absolute beating he took in the first round of the Weidman rematch. He sure as hell doesn’t remember the can of whoop ass he had opened on him in their first clash, either. Regardless, pray for Silva, because coming back from a dramatic leg injury is one thing, but a bad dose of the “crazy” is another thing entirely.

  • choas

    Damn this website should be shutdown, until there is MEDICAL proof he has lost the plot you have no right saying so, ok I give weiman all the props in the world 4 beating silva twice but to say that about one of or arguably thee greatest mma mind of all time is totally unfair

  • gjgbarclay

    Seriously…. I mean, seriously… You’re crazy! (I don’t have medical proof of this however)

  • robthom

    Lol, clever title was clever.

    Yeah, there’s just no logical/brain centered way to explain it.
    Apparently his argument is that it was only “instinct”?
    AKA, “training” and “reflexes”.

    The kinds of things a good fighter is supposed to do, especially when rematched against an opponent who landed leg kicks in their previous fight.

    I know its tacky to disparage a whole country (as if thats gonna stop me), but this seems to just be a weird cultural attribute with Brazilians.
    They seem to act like this as long as I’ve been aware of them.

    Its probably related to general latino macho-ism and the self delusion/flat out lying it seems to require to constantly buoy and support it.
    Example: tito ortiz

  • robthom

    Or alternately:
    Jiy Jitsu wasn’t the only black belt anderson got from the Noguira brothers.

  • choas

    I do admit my opening line was a little harsh and I do apologize and obviously everyone is entitled to there opinion, however the way anderson is portrayed on this page is quite disrespect (and im not from brazil) and yes it does make me crazy when facts aren’t facts, until dana white says silvia has a brain injury suffered from a leg injury then I will totally shut my mouth, lease we forget the spider has not been beaten in the ufc for almost a decade, a feat that could possible be never matched, I just think he’s still in that winning mentality which he can’t be blamed for.

  • robthom

    “…but it’s clear Silva forgot the absolute beating he took…”

    Maybe more egregious,
    he has no respect for the hunble attitude and worldview that Bruce Lee had.
    That led Bruce Lee to LEARN grappling after being humbled by Judo Gene!

    And then name his own self celebrating TV show after it.

    anderson is kind of a fuckface IMO.

  • robthom

    Its supposed to be disrespectful to a degree dude,
    this is a humor website.

    This is a healthy and necessary part of the violence interest.

    Get over yourself.

  • robthom

    Mister Genia has also celebrated anderson more then anderson deserves IMO.

  • choas

    Sorry dude did not realize mixed martial arts was such a humorous sport? Cause ive never seen 2 fighters touch gloves then break out into hysterical fits of laughter or at the weigh in’s and each fighter are telling knock knock jokes, ohhh the diaz brothers are real standup comedians, and yeah it is quite the chuckle when rhonda rousey first dislocates then breaks chicks arms, here’s another remember when sonnen had the mw belt in his grasp then lost it with under a minute left to whom the spider himself,damns how naive of me to think fighters actually give up their jobs leave their families ,all the blood sweat and tears they go though just to make the ufc roster, my bad

  • robthom

    Oh its humorous my friend.
    Like water.

    Aren’t you proud to be one of us.

  • robthom

    @ the Diaz’ thats where macho is charming.
    They do it better.

    Anything can be abused.
    Macho is a fine line between asshole and charming.

  • choas

    Totally agree there is a fine, but question? when was the last time you saw either brother joke or even remotely crack a smile ,so serious

  • choas

    So proud the pleasure is all mine

  • noiseless

    so…chaos is off his meds

  • noiseless

    miss the old days. but whatever.

  • choas

    Wow is that all u got? Need 2 come alot stronger than that useless I mean nonsense forgive me noiseless

  • noiseless

    sure, hanzi. stay relaxed.

  • robthom


  • robthom


    Now you’ve got a half rival/half buddy.

  • Daniel Calvario Ramirez

    what an awfull note, the writer is doing nothing but being a troll, he should be fired:::

  • GForce92

    Jesus, you really don’t understand sarcasm do you?

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