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Another great night for judging in MMA

Part of Marc Ratner’s job at the UFC is to run the international shows like an average state commission would and he’s taken that mandate very seriously, stacking the shows with the same kind of incompetent boobs as any typical event you’d see in North America. This Japan event had a number of fucked decisions including Kyun ho Kang / Alex Caceres and Bryan Caraway / Takeya Mizugaki. But the worst call of all was giving Diego Sanchez the nod over Takanori Gomi, a complete boggler of a decision that had everyone watching going W.T.F.


The two judges responsible: Barry Foley and Chris Watts. The one sane judge: Ben Cartlidge, who was also the dissenting voice in the Caraway / Mizugaki fight as well. Fortunately for conflict of interest reasons and unfortunately for ever getting anything done about this, Dana White can’t directly deal with this problem on his own lest he get in heat for firing judges who are picking the ‘wrong’ fighter. But you gotta figure Ratner knows the buck stops with him on these judging issues. He’s also in a strange position though – he’s supposed to run this like a typical athletic commission would, and that means pulling from a pool of typical athletic commission judges. And they suck. They suck dirty greasy slimy pig dicks.

  • CAP

    Well I hope they at least cross these fucksticks off the list of judges to use next time they go over seas. Dana can’t hide behind the commission on this one.

  • roycegretzky

    I have no idea why MMA and boxing haven’t moved to more judges per fight other than lazy “it’s the way we’ve always done it!” bullshit. More judges means that each judge individually has less significance (looking at you Adelaide), and the final decision is more representative of what the population thinks. Granted MMA judges are drawn from a small pool of incompetent assholes, which is the larger issue, but increasing the number of judges would help a little bit and wouldn’t require as much overhaul of the system.

  • Reverend Clint

    Add one more judge and then let the crowd vote like on who wants to be a millionaire.

  • frickshun

    I don’t remember the Mizugaki decision being off but the others sucked moose dick.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    It’s even crazier that Diego is calling out who he wants to fight next (Nate Diaz) like he actually won a dominant fight.

  • roycegretzky

    The additional judge is Ceelo Green. Every time.

  • Jimsterjam

    Jesus gave him that win