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Another problem politician in New York?

Sounds like those who want MMA sanctioning in New York have another boogeyman to deal with, one with more pull than that douchebag Bob Reilly:

A representative from the office of Assembly MMA bill sponsor Steve Englebright said that the legislation was ready to be put on the first of several committee schedules, and has been ready for over a month, yet could not speculate as to the reasons for the hold up.

No speculation is necessary. Everyone familiar with Albany knows that the third annual subversion of the lawmaking process is caused by one man whose name never even enters the lexicon of the debate on MMA in New York. That man is Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Vocal opponents of the sport, such as upstate Assemblyman Bob Reilly and his Kantian objections to all forms of violence and aggression, provide an entertaining distraction for Silver’s magic act as he single-handedly bars sanctioning in New York while avoiding all accountability for doing so.

Silver’s office has openly refused to comment on the issue of MMA. His press secretary has loudly rebuked attempts to get the Speaker’s opinion on even things as vague as the sport in general. The on-paper justification for Silver’s expressed neutrality is that, as Speaker, he is a reflection of the majority party as a whole and does not want to influence the consensus with his own opinion.

In reality, no bill gets stuck in committee if Silver favors it. Nor does any bill get out when he doesn’t. Mention that the popular suspicion is that a bill is being held up because of Silver and every other member of the Assembly will meet that accusation with a “that is how it is shrug.” That Silver is the deciding factor is a well known fact that can’t be proven. He is a whip who disguises himself as a mirror when people complain about the lashes.

The article goes on to insinuate that Silver is playing the system for lobby money but I think that ignores a much more realistic explanation: he just has a general dislike for the bill and therefore ain’t going to push it.

What, is it so surprising that laws live and die based on random fits of pique from individual politicians? That’s the joy of having things run by asshole humans instead of efficient and emotionless computers. I personally can’t wait for Robot Overlords to come in and take things over.

  • FiveBoltMain

    Those robot overlords will also wipe the earth clean of humans because we are nothing more than viruses. We leach off our host (Earth) and destroy it for our own being.

  • Letibleu

    In  other news, Kate Middleton’s face was found on a Jelly Belly and Charlie Sheen is still winning.

    We arent destroying earth, we are customizing it. Sheesh.


    I had to put something random up because if I keep seeing his face I could damage my monitor.

  • iamphoenix

  • frickshun

    Makes me a sad New Yawkuh….

  • agentsmith

    Citizens of tomorrow, be forewarned.

    Yeah, MMA doesn’t strike me as the kind of issue that there’s a whole lot of lobbyist money being thrown against to block. Unless people think boxing promoters are out there lobbying against the UFC’s lobby money. Or are they??? DUN DUN DUN!

  • Márcio

    I’ve grown bored and I really couldn’t care less abut this issue anymore. There’s dozens of other states and countries where the ufc and other organizations can hold their events. It’s New York’s loss.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    No, it’s not our loss.  It doesn’t matter if it comes here or not.  This sport works better on TV anyway.

  • fightlinker

    Agreed. Watching it in HD on a good TV is better than doing the live thing. Drunk MMA fans at events annoy the shit out of me

  • glassjawsh

    ha !! phoenix

  • G Funk

    Frick’s Joysee ass still trying to front NY HA! Poser hipster!

  • Take It Easy

    i hope he dies

  • Márcio

    @DJ ThunderElbows

    I meant the state, with revenue loss and shit like that.