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Aoki Declaration!! No DREAM in July

Oh noes! That rumored July DREAM show headlined by Sakuraba vs Shinya Aoki may not happen. So sayeth Aoki himself on twitter:

青木真也 | Shinya Aoki ‏@a_ok_i
七月ドリーム開催なし。どんな選択をするのが自分に、家族にベストなのかしっかりと考 えて行きたいし色んな人の話を聞きたい。相談乗ってくださいな

Which google translates to:

No dream held in July. I want to hear the story of many people, I want to go firmly to their own example considered, whether it is best to select any family. Please get counseling

While it starts pretty clearly, I dunno what that last bit means. But he’s probably right. You should get counseling.

  • bakapoki

    Teh google Engrish is horybull…

    My awesome non-perfect alternative translation to give people a better gist of things: “There will be no Dream event held in July. I want to give serious thought in choosing what direction I will go from here and what’s going to be best for my family and want to listen to what a variety of people have to say. Please give me your counsel, eh?”

  • drunkenjunk

    ^lulz that is awesome

    aoki is weird, i look forward to seeing him get ko’d again

  • Symbul

    Fightlinker, your international news leader.

  • genner

    Aoki said that the July Dream event will not take place. He has some big decisions to make for himself and for his family. He would like to hear advice from a lot of people and would like any suggestions or thoughts from anybody.

  • agentsmith

    Well thank god genner showed up to translate what bakapoki said.

  • Letibleu


  • G Funk

    To eastern europa you go.

  • Reverend Clint

    “I have a small penis. I have lost the chance to fight a guy who is practially dead. I’m gay. I suck. I need help.”