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Aoki vs Nagashima : Round 1 is K-1

Originally, a coin flip was going to determine what combat sport the fight between DREAM lightweight champ Shinya Aoki vs crossdressing K-1 Max Japan Tournament winner Yuichiro Nagashima would start as. Heads, K-1. Tails, MMA. Or whatever is on the different sides of a Japanese coin. But things just got a lot harder for Shinya Aoki. Here’s Daniel Herbertson with the new setup:

The mixed rules bout will consist of one three-minute kickboxing round followed by one five-minute round fought under mixed martial arts rules. After those eight minutes if a winner has not been decided then the bout shall be ruled an automatic draw.

A notable bonus for the awkwardly unorthodox but highly powerful Nagashima is that the kickboxing round will be fought using the DREAM open finger gloves. The term “K-1 rules” has been specifically avoided for this reason although the rest of the K-1 rules including the three knockdown system will come into play.

This is cool because as screwed as Shinya Aoki is by these current conditions, Nagashima would have been even more screwed if it had been MMA first. Basically, Aoki has to survive three minutes of K-1 level kickboxing – possible if he stays defensive and doesn’t try to go toe to toe with his opponent.

  • agentsmith

    Heads: K-1.
    Tentacles: MMA.

    I guess they finally realized it would take way too long to change gloves between rounds. Aoki vs K-1 champ + striking-only + MMA gloves = Aoki cry, me laugh.

  • pewnt

    This is great. I never thought they would go kick boxing first. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong!!!

    Will Aoki pull a Kalib Starnes to survive !?!?!

  • FiveBoltMain

    I am so staying up to see this fight. Please baby jesus, make Aoki cry on NYE.

  • P W

    Imagine if there had been a similar set-up for the Couture vs. Toney fight…

  • GoldenArms

    that guy’s glove work was not very intimidating, but I guess it beats slapping a fat, old guy.

  • subo

    I’m going to pass out here pretty soon so I can once again shed by manufactured Zuffa lackey image.

  • Reverend Clint

    i hope gayoki gets smoked

  • G Funk

    Should’ve been decided through a best of five ro-sham-bo.