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Arianny’s BF doesn’t like Deadmau5

Arianny Celeste arrest update! Miss Celeste has lawyered up, getting a lawyer who’s represented celebs like Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars (who?) to rep her. Her day in court comes on July 2nd, and her claim is that “I was defending myself after he choked me twice.”

Further evidence of boyfriend douchebaggery has also been dug up:

We hear this isn’t the first time Praveen has shown his rage to Arianny. A source who was on set during a recent Deadmau5 music video shoot starring the UFC Octagon Girl tells Hollyscoop that Praveen showed up to the set intoxicated and went off on a jealous rage because he didn’t want her appearing in the video.

W. T. F. She’s a professional hot chick, dude. Attending music video sex orgies is part of the biz.

  • Reverend Clint

    yeah i had to google bruno mars… hawaiian hipster homo

  • drunkenjunk

    does he wear that mouse head everywhere?

  • noiseless

    if my bitch had anything to do with deadmau5, i would never let of that neck. shit, i’d do the time standing on my pinkies knowing i killed a retarded ring lady, an aspie fuck with a stupid mousehelmet and a long nosed greasy haired drunk paki bastard!


    If anything positive comes from this little episode I hope it’s in the form of a sex tape that Gandhi (or whatever his name is) will “leak” onto the internet. Maybe we’ll find out once and for all if the rumors of Arianny taking steaming hot piles fecal soft serve are true (fingers crossed).

  • ButtHorn

    “Arrinay’s BF doesn’t like deadmou5…”

    No homo.

  • frickshun

    ^^Are you 5 fucking years old?