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As if Nick Diaz wasn’t scary enough

I’m not an expert on things that kill people (well, other than twinkies and soda) so don’t ask me if every gun store has a gun range the same way you won’t find a bowling shop outside a bowling alley. But regular UFC sponsor The Gun Store has a range, and Ms Tracy Lee was there during UFC week snapping a bunch of fighters from Nick Diaz to Jake Ellenberger to Alan Belcher handling some serious hardware.

  • thingvolds

    hating tracy lee actually makes me feel good, is that odd?

  • G Funk

    That barrel is short as fuck! Must be one of those AK’s that the jihadis use out in the sand oceans. 

  • glassjawsh

    tracy lee is the perfect example of when getting fake knockers is universally acceptable, she went from a chick i wouldn’t have looked at twice to a half-fappable in one simple step

  • rmaramba

    I shot there about seven years ago. Awesome place with great people and really rare stuff.

    Rashad holds a rifle like a swimsuit model, but Diaz is puto-free and looks right at home. Mexicans are good at that stuff. That looks like a standard 16″ barrel…

  • frickshun

    HOLY SHIT!! That’s the closest I’ve ever seen to him smile.

  • agentsmith

    @ G Funk:

    He can’t afford the long barrelled one.  Homie’s broke, doncha know.

  • iamphoenix

    he’s bad ass.

  • G Funk

    according to this, Stockton is the most miserable city in the US so he’s gonna need those nato rounds.

    That list is a bit ridiculous though. I can’t see how Miami is more miserable than cities like Detroit exc.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ gang violence, high unemployment, hurricanes and crushing poverty dont help miami’s case

  • G Funk

    Your thinking dope and robberies because of the economy. Actual ‘Gangs’ are scarce believe it or not save for the recent Central American influx bringing in their MS13 BS. There is crushing poverty in the ‘hoods’ but that doesn’t make up the majority of South Fl.. Most areas are quite nice with expensive cars in the driveways. And we haven’t been hit with a real hurricane since 1992. As big of a local populace that this place has, right now 1 out of five cars have northern state and Canadian licence plates on them so if Miami is so miserable, why is tourism so high?

    My point is that there are a fuck load of other places that have it tremendously worse than Miami, as I’m sure the same with Stockton.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ basically your argument is, “miami is warm so people can’t be miserable here”
    although i’ve been to detroit and cleveland and there is no way anywhere outside of eatern europe is more miserable than those places

  • G Funk

    Actually I defunktededed your wrong assesment of S. Fl.. And the fact that it’s a shitty list. No way Stockton Cal. is the most miserable city in America just as there is no way the MIA is the second most miserable city. There are alot of other warm places that peeps can go to. Why do they flock here if it;s the second most miserable place in the US? You pulled a Subo.