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Asshole moves

There’s a few moves in MMA that are totally legal but still kinda dickish in the minds of fans. I remember back in the day it was footstomps. What are you, trying to win the fight by breaking the bones in a guys foot? Cheap! And of course then there was the crowd who thought Kenny Florian was cheap for throwing elbows with the intent to cut. CHEAP!

But I would like to propose that there’s a new ubercheap move, and we’re seeing it more and more: the kick to the knee. You know, like the ones Jon Jones was throwing nonstop on Vitor Belfort? Yeah, yeah, I know. This sounds a lot like more griping on Jones for the sake of griping on Jones. But I’ve never liked watching guys trying to fuck a dude’s knee up. It seemed dirty when Rashad was doing it to Rampage Jackson and was even more so when Brendan Schaub targeted Big Nog’s barely rehabbed knee in their fight. Which made it extra sweet when he got knocked the fuck out.

What’s interesting here is it seems like it’s always the young guys pulling it on the old dogs, and that just adds to the disrespect. The whole reason we get to enjoy mixed martial arts is because guys can get up after an ass kicking and go back to their (ir)regular lives. Few injuries are bad enough to put them down for extended periods of time. Knee injuries are one of those.

Now to be fair, we haven’t seen a whole lot of legs breaking backwards in the sport due to these attacks. And if I’m going to bitch about kicks to the knee and the effect it can have on an athlete, where’s my outrage at guys like Palhares and Imanari who have made a career of ripping legs apart like chicken from a KFC bucket? Maybe it’s because fighters have a chance to tap before things get ugly – something you don’t get when a guy kicks you right in the knee. Or maybe we all have our own illogical opinions on what constitutes a dirty move, and it has nothing to do with reason or reality at all.

  • drunkenjunk

    preach on hyan. this always pissed me off, it just feels so cheap.

  • mitchO

    this is awesome you posted this and obviously share my opinion! when i watched this and saw Jones do this once again by the way- i thought how can this be legal if he does succeed and pop Vitors knee out than what will fans say ? what will Dana say ? and the commission will hafta address this hopefully to make it illegal to purposely attack a vulnerable ligament. Which is illegal to bend or attack ligaments not by submission. Ive seen Jon do this over n over again in his fights we saw it against rashad, machida, rampage, and now Belfort. and its funny that joe n goldie are just now catching on saying last sat that this is something new from bones- well its not. I also heard Pat Miletich comment on this technique on a strikeforce card ? or some card that had a fighter replicating this move and he said this should be illegal cuz the knee can bend backwards and result in a scary injury & lengthy serious injury- that is cheap and not a proudly way to win ! more of this should be talked about and mentioned untill we can get some knowledgeable people explaining why its promitted.

  • mooch

    I remember bringing this up in FL after he fought shogun and you jackals were like ‘oh and what do you think getting punched in the face does to your long term health rarara’

  • Dodectagon

    But lots of times you don’t get a chance to tap. The scariest thing about leglocks is that in most of them I’ve seen you’re completely fine until you can’t walk for six weeks. Sucks, but I guess that’s why it’s the hurt business instead of the rainbow business.

    Let’s not start calling for rule changes based on imagining how a freak accident could happen. That kind of thinking got us no knees on the ground and weird elbow rules. The whole knee-going-backwards thing is the new “his head’ll get split open like a watermelon.”

  • Nachtfalter

    I don’t see any argument for kicks to the knee being “cheap” compared to other MMA techniques. Leglocks and even slams with weird landings are much more likely to do serious damage to somebody’s knee. It’s a dangerous sport, that’s all there is to it.

  • Andy

    Talking to people today about the card and this came up, all in agreement that the move is weak and we wouldn’t miss it

  • Blackula Jonez

    The move sucks but what exactly will it take for them to officially ban them from the unified rules.

    I would gladly take 12-6 elbows or knees anywhere on a grounded opponent (mother fuck the 3 point stance rule) than this knee/thigh kicking nonsense. For me it comes down to the climax: If the main event ends via knee kick how many people will feel dejected and like the night ended on a sour note.

    The move is cheap and just plain meh, who wants their highlight reel to consist of dudes hobbling around or falling over themselves due to getting their knee hobbled?

  • frickshun

    Andy was the 1st fighter I’ve seen use it. I would love to see it banned.

  • matthewpolly

    Interestingly enough, direct kicks to the knee are banned in Chinese kickboxing (sanshou). They are less worried about what Jones was doing—direct side kicks from a distance—than one fighter grabbing a roundhouse kicking leg and then snapping the standing leg, rather than sweeping it.

    Jones was sidekicking a bent knee, which means it would be almost impossible to permanently injure it that way. (It would need to be straight and locked to snap it.) It’s annoying but it shouldn’t be illegal.

  • Rob2Kx

    Anyone who’s ever done muay thai or kickboxing knows that this is bullshit. Sure in the movies it’s easy to break someone’s knee (or neck, or nose through the brain, etc), and Karate dojos across the country love to reenforce this shit. But please, stop being morons. There’s no more risk here than with any other attack (I’d even say less). It’s because of people like you that 12 to 6 elbows are illegal.

  • Reverend Clint

    yeah this is not a “death move” and less effective than a thigh kick

  • poo champ

    I’d only say it’s cheap in this case because it wasn’t necessary. It’s like he was trying to injure the knee, which is whack to all who respect sportsmanship. But I think it’s reasonable to defend yourself with all legal techniques when a guy wants to put you to sleep or worse.