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At least it wasn’t another bullshit loss

Fightlinker’s favorite lesbian blood fetish performance artist Shawn Tamaribuchi was in action again this past weekend at a Fatal Femmes Fighting show. Shawn’s last fight was on one of Ken Shamrock’s regional shows where they had her come to the arena to a Shania Twain cover of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’.

Fortunately for Shawn, the peeps at FFF aren’t sexist morons and know how to do female MMA right. Shawn still lost by armbar in the second round … but considering the circumstances I think that’s not too bad … Stephen Molen from the Lights Out show had this to say:

The first fight was awesome. Shawn Tamaribuchi was WAY overmatched, given only 2 days notice, and took it without even knowing who her opponent was. She came out in the first round and surprised us all by laying some wood and knocking Cindy Hales to the canvas with a solid right cross to the chin.

Ah well … I got a feeling she enjoys taking a good beating as much as giving one. Here’s hoping she gets a win next time because she seems pretty hardcore (in so many ways).

  • Ted Dibiase


    nothing is more pathetic than girls who want to be men.

    this is worse than boxing.

  • kentyman


  • Thomas aka Houdini

    Lesbians ARE Gay. lol
    thumbs up or female mma

  • fightlinker

    Fuck thumbs. Fists up. Both in a dirty and non-dirty connotation

  • Thomas aka Houdini

    She looks like Mayhem Miller in that picture

  • People Person

    I agree with Thomas, I totally thought that was a Mayhem pic…they should hook up and have retarded babies.

  • Hywel Teague

    Shawn rocks