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At least someone had fun at the WCO weigh-ins

I have to admit … normally I’m not a huge Jason Mayhem Miller fan … I just use his videos as filler when I don’t have time to write good posts. But this video is actually pretty entertaining (although I also won’t deny that at the moment I’m a bit short on time to write out posts. That’s just what happens when you stay up till 3am editing a radio show).

  • tertio

    didnt you stay up til 3 drinking beer and signing at a karaoke bar ?

  • fightlinker

    Till 1:30. Then i stayed up till 3 editing the radio show

  • Big D D

    Mayhem is so entertaining in an unentertaining sort of way.

  • DannyP72

    Doesn’t surprise me that Mayhem wears a calculator watch

  • Lifer

    3/10 for hilariousocity. his funniest video to date that i’ve seen was the spoof on TapouT.

  • intenso

    agree w/ Lifer

    and I wish I had a calculator watch.

  • Gaston

    I found it pretty funny. But what was more intressting was was perhaps the nerdiest interview known to man that was availible to choose in the little bar after the video was done. Numer three from the left I think. It was funny becouse it couldn´t POSSIBLY been any worse. He should got fired after that one

  • Gaston
  • kentyman

    Video’s gone. Anyone have another link?

  • Ryan Loco

    High 5.