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Attentione a les grenouilles

Bonjour tout le monde avec du blé. Eeeh, tout le monde francais! Cette poste est pour dire que il ya un nouveaux blog francamaphone pour vous a lire si tu aime lire le news du les mixed martial artistes en francais. “Zut alors!” tu dits a moi. “Ca c’est stupendue, c’est incroyable, ca faits des picotements dans mes pantalons!” Bein sure, mon ami. Bein sure. Et le plus belle news de tout ca est que cette page etaits fait par un de notre jackals, Tertio. Bravo, Tertio!

  • Atom

    not why i paid $20, ryan

  • Boog

    Well I’ll be damned. I was able to read and understand all of that.

    I guess my French hasn’t deteriorated as much as I thought it had.

    (Well, except for “picotements”, but I can hazard a guess that it’s vulgar)

  • Zurich

    Crazy anglophones in Montreal being able to speak/write French… every time I call an office in Montreal and they answer in French, I want to ask them WTF their problem is.

  • dulljake

    it means tingle

  • garth

    Ach! Meine brüstwarzen brennan über vergnugen!

    Gott in Himmel!

  • Atom

    translation: Tertio writes a blog?

  • Stellar53


  • Big D D


  • jackal-matt

    I caint read Latin u stoopid facker

    -Tim Sylvia.

  • godzillad

    Hey, we only speak GOD’S language on this site.

  • Dangerfield

    I can speak arabic. Don’t see me showing off

  • fightfan

    What did I miss?

  • BoshyClaus

    Typical, you people come into our country with your fucked up backwards language… Speak American Damnitt, whooooo hawwwww.,,

  • Pontus

    Mon dieu! I never thought I would have any use of my crappy french again… I always have found it difficult to understand the Quebecois though.
    Don’t all french canadians speak english though?

  • Wu Tang

    Let me guess, Jake wrote this. Ryan probably only speaks one and a half languges at best, but having the ability to write it..? Yea i dont beleive that. Bablefish anyone?

  • fightlinker

    If you guys read french you’d know this was TERRIBLE french. I write french on message boards sometimes just so french people can get a fun laugh over how badly i mangle the language.

    Guess this went over your heads. TABERNAC!

  • Matt (but I signed up as Mr. Unbelievable Pants)

    Ah oui, je suis le lait de la cochon et vous sommes tres amiable de toutes les narcodollars je mange de la pain du les sanges. Quoi.

  • Lifer

    you posted fairly squarely but i’m still not impressed by your performance.

  • Tertio

    Not all Têtes carrés can write french as good as Fightlinker.

  • andres

    Wat da flyin fuck dude translate now I comand your pussie french asses to do so

  • Archivist

    Pour tous les osties de crosseurs de poules mortes consanguins qui ont problème avec les “frogs” , je vous dis de sucer ma grosse graine de paysan. Sorry about that, but its kinda been brewing. Good day all the same.

  • fightlinker

    haha that was truly an epic stringing together of insults. I love it.

  • Sha

    Je savais pas que les québécois aussi étaient des “frogs”. On se sent tout de suite moins seuls ;)