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‘Bang the Champ’ outsmarts everyone

Boy how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that we were writing about ‘Bang the Champ’, a porno website where two guys fight MMA style and the winner gets to fuck the ring girl. Now it sounds like Bang the Champ has ruffled the feathers of the ‘Association of Boxing Commissions’. They’ve decided that this is definitely illegal and needs to be shut down. The funny part? They’re having a hard time doing anything about it because….

The ABC’s investigation of the matter has been hampered by the fact that the promotional group’s Web site is “adult themed” and thus (according to the minutes of the ABC legal committee) “inappropriate for access via a government-owned computer.”

That’s just awesome. Oh, we can’t access the site from work! Whatever will we do??? The guys on this stupid committee are probably all 90+ years old and don’t own computers at home. They just try accessing the web with their humidors and wonder why it won’t work … let’s hope the Mexican maid will look it up like it they asked her to do. Although they’re not really sure if she even speaks american, or if she’s really Mexican or ‘something else’. Bah, this is confusing. Let’s just drink brandy and reminisce about better times when white men ruled boxing.

Old fucks.

Also worth noting is the ESPN reporter’s opinion that no such evil website could ever actually exist:

Hey, guys! Have you considered the likelihood that the fights don’t exist and this is just a scam to promote a pornographic Web site?

Of course, like most vile things on the net, it really does exists. The guys behind it were just too cheap to give any of it away for free and pay all the MMA sites out there to peddle it like Rio Heroes did. And that’s why I’m here working on this site when I could be watching more Bang the Champ

  • teddydarussian

    I here these are the same people behind M1 Global – Fedor is on here once you sign up for the membership …. awesome!

  • Wu Tang

    HA! I actually cracked a smile, too fucken hilarious!

  • Big D D

    Great concept…

  • UFCPreview

    Oh man, I live in the porn capital of the world…Northridge\Burbank CA….wonder if I can find this shit live

  • Keith

    what the fights or the sex?

  • frickshun

    If HBO is smart, they snatched this up instead of UFC. Insta-buy for me & I’ve never actually paid for porn!!

  • CagePotato

    How do you think Edith Larente got her start?

  • Lifer

    i’m changing my style to porn-jitsu and taking on the nickname “WOMBCRUSHER”!

  • kentyman

    Womb Raider.

  • Lifer

    if given the option of raiding the womb or annihilating it, i’ll take destruction any day.

  • Wu Tang

    For those who could not view at work, like me, its a porn site. Nothing but porn. THought it would be some real fights then not show the sex part. But i guess its more sex than fights…