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Bas Rutten jumps on the stem cell bandwagon

Earlier this year, Dana White was in a pretty bad spot health wise. He had been diagnosed with a bad case of Menierre’s Disease, an illness that causes extreme nausea and incapacitating vertigo. Tired of ineffective medication solutions, White opted to have a nerve in his ear severed, but even that didn’t help. He was resigned to just dealing with the disease … until Yankees player Alex Rodriguez let him in on a lil treatment all the one percenters were having done with stem cells. White flew to Germany, had blood extracted and enriched with stem cells. A few days later, the guy was fucking cured.

Now Bas Rutten has gone in for a similar treatment. Bas retired at the relatively early age of 34 because his knees were completely shot – shot to the point where he’s having trouble leading a normal life on them now. So off he’s gone to get some stem cell treatments done on them. How do they work on knees? I have no idea – it seems like everything regarding these treatments is ‘just add stem cells and voila.’ After the jump, his Facebook ‘diary’ on the treatments.

OK, day one
They took a bunch of blood from me and they are now going to spin it and get the proteins out. Apparently they can mix that with the stem cells I am going to get. Tomorrow my knees will be both “shot up” and I will get an IV with, I believe they said, 20 million stem cels.
that sounds promising!

Met a guy who stays here in the hotel with me and who has his son getting the treatment. his boy couldnt walk or speak 8 months ago (4 years old) and this kid can walk and talk now, again, that sounds promising!

It’s rain season here, for some reason my nose keeps running, so I take it there is something in the air that I am allergic to. I asked the person who picks me up and drives me to the clinic and back to stop at a supermarket to get some “Claritin”.

First they showed me a Panamees brand, $9,60, then I heard them say “Claritin” so I said “You have that, I take it?”
20 pills for $34,50, haha, I said, “Give me the Panamees ones, those are like $5 with us”, little steep isn’t it?

That’s about it, I am going to do some sight seeing and will make some pics. Tomorrow after my knees I am going to have pain they said, so I have to do it today

The even have Chucke here!
Party on!

Day two
I went in today and they injected the stem cells in both my knees and a big one in my vein

they told me that the knees would probably swell up and they were right, haha. I also had some back pain and neck stiffness and already on the way back to the hotel I felt a pop in my lower back and it relaxed? pretty wild, now I am laying in bed and starting to feel good en am getting energy

My muscles feel relaxed, I was again with the little boy (Miles, but everybody calls him Milesy) and his father Jeff in the van back to the hotel and Jeff also had his knee done today, only one, i hope I see him tomorrow and see if he has a swollen knee as well.

Shared pain is less pain is what they say in Holland!

Godspeed, will be back tomorrow!

Day three
My pick up was earlier but that’s good because I always wake up early.
This time they put like 7 shots in my neck “trigger points” is what they call it, another IV for the rest of the body

Had a great evening yesterday, the Doctors invited me for dinner and had some really great Panamese food, really outstanding. Went to a cigar place after and had a cigar there, of course Cuban cigars are legal here so that was my pick.

In the restaurant people came for pics so they are watching MMA here, maybe a next step for the UFC? I go and watch it here, haha!

I am laying in bed watching ghost stories on BIO, my right leg feels great, can actually bend it all the way without pain, that’s a first, and I mean ZERO pain. My left knee lays up and has ice on it. I needed compression on the knee so I took a compression sock and cut of the foot, man, works really well!

So that’s it, hopefully this knee goes down fast and then I let you know tomorrow happens

Last day, day 4
Just an IV this time and I have to say that it feels like I am shooting energy out of my fingers and hands.

They said really will start working in about 6 weeks.
Thats about it, I keep you guys updated about everything and what’s gonna happen, if I grow an extra nose I will shoot a pic and share it with you, haha

  • Kid Nate

    I’m not saying that I want dana to die,
    but I was kinda hoping that would be our lucky out.

    Just enough to retire and admire his mangled bibles.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ you’re dumb and wrong and I disagree with everything you stand for

    this goes doubly if (since?) you’re not the real kid nate

  • Voice of Reason

    Finally stem cells is getting the recognition it deserves. Hopefully this doesn’t get exploited by the cosmetics industry who will advertise stem cell creams and other shit and take the serious science out of it and turn it into the new alternative to plastic surgery.

  • thingvolds






  • Dr Kavorkian

    I think you should consider stem cell replacement therapy for this website. It is dying an ugly death.

  • rhymezbullet


    burnt son

  • iamphoenix

    I’m too lazy to photoshop Bas Rutten as a stem cell robot. Or it doesn’t matter because I don’t think I can put photoshopgrahs in the comments anymore.

  • MT

    Fightlinker makes comments about the 1% getting special treatment. It seems you are big on the Canadian health care program, it’s the free loaders in Canada that cause restrictions on coverage. Nothing is free in life, that includes heathcare. do you think pyhsicians should work for free? You have a great web page, but you should stay out of politics; you are clueless to the facts that dictate healthcare restrictions. Lazy pricks are the reason the USA is upside down and soon to be burried by Obama care (today 62% are against it). That being said, stop your socialist rant and get back to what you do best…covering MMA. Dana is a prick and screws the fighters out of a fair wage, but that has nothing to do with 1% getting better treatment. 25% of Americans could come up with the scratch to pay for this treatment, most of them go to work daily and don’t rely on the government to take care of their lazy ass.

  • iamphoenix

    “25% of Americans could come up with the scratch to pay for this treatment,”

    Leaving 75% to not be able to but sucks for them and it doesn’t fucking matter that they can’t pay for shit like this because oh well, 25% of people can, no need to do jack shit about the rest. I like your logic. Reminds me of that time I wrote bullshit on the internet.

  • agentsmith

    WTF are you even talking about, MT? There wasn’t a single political reference in either the post or comments until you made one.

  • Andrew

    “stop your socialist rant”

    Ryan doesnt even know he is a socialist. Atheism is the central axiom of communism and he doesn’t even know he’s been brainwashed into believing their centralizing-wealth-so-they-can-confiscate-it dogma. He cries about religion killing people while the communists have killed over 100,000,000 people in the last 100 years.

    He’s a dumb man-boy trying to hit buttons on his keyboard to feed himself. He’s a lost cause.

    And this website sucks balls these days.

  • rhymezbullet

    true that man
    atheists have killed more than religious people in the last 100 years

  • frickshun

    These comments make a lot of cents!!

  • frickshun

    These comments don’t make scents!!