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Behold, the Fightlinker Pilot!

It’s been a long time in the making but we are happy to finally show off to you the Fightlinker pilot that we’ve been hinting at for the past year and a half. In 2010 we teamed up with Apartment 11 productions and our good friend Jason Levy to put together a quick smattering of the kind of insanity that would go down if some benevolent TV network decided to carry a Fightlinker show. As tends to happen on the website way more often than I’d like, we ended up putting our bodies on the line against MMA fighters and their trainers, and the result is 15 minutes of us taking ass-whuppins.

As for what the future of our ugly asses in TV entails, we are still talking with several groups and I’m pretty confident there’ll be more stuff like this coming out in the future, with your host looking even fatter and balder than he did in this video. We’d like to thank everyone who took time out of their way more important schedules to fuck around with us, especially Jonathan Chaimberg, Patrick Cote, Jerome Le Banner, and Scott Junk. If you like the show, spread it around. The more people like it, the more we’ll make down the road.

  • glassjawsh

    dig it


    Me likey.  Didn’t expect to enjoy Ryan getting decked as much as I did.  If this is to continue… I demand the Kimbo fight!

  • dick

    Getting the crap beaten out of you to the Dies Irae from Mozart’s Requiem = supreme class.

    For my walkout music, I’ll take the Rex Tremendae. Then no one will dare hit me.

  • iamphoenix


  • Symbul


    That’s good stuff.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    … but cannot sue because of stuff he didn’t notice in his contract.

    Top to bottom – good stuff.  Funny as fuck. 

    If you guys learn some editing you could probably produce these at a consistent pace in-house.  Any plans for that?  Or is Rebellion handling production here on out?

    You can tell I like it when all I want is MOAR!

  • Grappo

    You’re my hero!  BLEUUUARRRRGHHHH

    I always thought LeBanner looked like he would be a massive cockface, but he seems like a pretty cool guy.


    Funny stuff.  Moar physical challenges.

    I love how Cote is smiling while Ryan is teeter-tottering all over the fuckin place.

  • CAP

    Great stuff, good watch!

    That Cote fight looked fixed. Maybe just predetermined.

  • schz

    so so good. if this was on every week i would totally stream it illegally and ffwd through the commercials. 


    great job!

  • repenttokyo

    ryan looks so young, it turns me on so much.

  • greenseed

    great stuff.
    so next episodes scheduled for 2016 release?

  • iamphoenix


  • epic

    Awesome! Finally!

  • Night Rider

    This helped me alot, It was like therapy for the disappointment from you two of late. Every punch ryan took was like a podcast that should have been.


    I fucking need more of this shit, articles are okay but you guys are fuckin awesome in audio/video format.


    Keep it the fuck up. 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I’m at work but I really wish I could watch this again right now.

    Seriously, you guys need to just do more of this.  This is really fun stuff you could be doing as in-house shorts and then sell to someone as the full series.

  • kwagnuth

    Great stuff. Thought Ryan was gonna win til he started puking. Thanks for the lols would definately like to see more. 

  • MadMan

    lolz!! Ryan, couldn’t you at least have stuck a jab in Cote’s face…or SOMETHING!

  • Letibleu

    Simply awsome. Even after having seen it 4 months ago, I still lol’ed at it.


    Gonna help spread this around.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully


  • Redping

    scott junk ‘straight from the ultimate fighter house’ wtf? is this from 2009?

  • KeyboardWarrior

    Pretty funny

  • Predator8u

    After what seems like forever of teasing. We finally get to see the polit. I would just like to say thanks had a smile on my face the whole time. but Ryan should have kept your hands up more and atleast got a jab in or a cross in but i know how the presurre can make you freeze.

    but otherwise that was pure enjoyment except strange dude at the end, confused me.

    NOW YOU GUYS SHOULD COME DOWN TO NOR/SO CALI. We could hit up All-Star gym or LSF club in my hometown whos got michael mcdonald “135” whos fighting on this saturday on spike prelims, hes got great hands and a nice ground game. Then theres Team alpha male about 45 mins away along with Nick and nate daiz also only 45 -1 hour away. Then all whole AKA in Fresno which is just an hour drive too. Just consider it I’ve recenlty cut down to 155 but could make 145. So shit I’ll put you up and I’m personally training 3-4 people currently, I get you in shape in no time but you got to want it. Just a thought.   

  • iamphoenix


  • Reverend Clint

    ryan looks just like my boss minus 60lbs and a Dodge Charger.

  • thingvolds


  • Garp

    OMG these were funny. I don’t think I’ve watched an online video more than 4 minutes long in ages but watched them both and felt compelled to kiss your ass afterwards.
    More FLTV!

  • Garp

    BTW, when someone picked Machida’s pee you should have had a glass of it on standby to offer them.

  • frickshun

    Ryan–>maybe you’d prefer a more objective viewpoint:

    1. Show was very entertaining.
    2. Cote bit was so terrible it almost ruined the whole thing. Why not wear full protective gear & actually let him take a few swings. All that build-up for a bogus slapfight??
    3. Your voices are so silky yet your faces & bodies are so repulsive.
    4. You 2 are the worst dressed people I have ever seen under 35. Those shorts….WTF Ryan??
    5. Graphics were cutesy. Expected less so that’s good.
  • agentsmith

    Was it intentional that you not throw a single punch at Cote, or did it just honestly happen that way?