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Behold: The first Fightlinker T-Shirt



  • Steel

    I want one.

  • murcao

    I want one too! Awesome T-Shirt!

  • igorpunck

    I wouldn’t want to wear something that says “cock” on it. cool picture though :)

  • Teufel

    hahaha… nice!

  • intenso


  • j

    How about one with the grape photo?

  • intenso

    ^^^^I’d buy that.

  • fightlinker

    sexiness on that level simply cannot be contained on a t-shirt

  • matt (tapout name shitstain)

    Go cocks

  • Archivist

    Great T-shirt, i’d want one.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    I love it!

    So where can we buy it?

  • Jemaleddin

    How about a long-ish t-shirt that has grapes at the crotch region? With a hint of bling behind them, maybe…

  • John

    wait it doesnt say Tapout on it wtf omgzzz

  • nicklovesmma

    totally buying this

  • Tanner

    whats with everyone deciding they need to have their own t shirt these days?

  • bmiller

    omg, no fucking skulls and bones. thank GOD.

    i want one, hook me up fightlinker

  • stellar53

    I’ll give it a 3.14159265

  • fightlinker

    pi, the number that keeps on giving!

  • Adam

    I would absolutely buy this shirt and wear it to the gym where I train. Anyone who didn’t get it would immediately show themselves as not worth talking to.

  • andres

    Im hekka gonna buy that and go to church ahahha

  • godzilad

    ”I am not impressed with your performance”s.

  • S&M

    That is all UFC is. Human Cockfighting.

  • Foreskin Face Pete

    i’m saving my money for the jackal logo tee…

  • Swedish guy

    How much is the shipping overseas? Or perhaps you could pitch the idea to Affliction and have them spread it all over the world. Oh wait, then you’d have to make it suck first.

  • MJC_123

    Awesome, I will be having one of those sent to Engerlund for sure.

  • Higgz

    It just needs a picture of Babalu next to it.

  • Wu Tang

    price? ill buy it!!! Have it ready before christmas, this is a true gift for FL’s fans!!! Have that shop up in a few weeks, ill buy a few shirts!!

  • Tommy

    It’s sweet but don’t forget to actually put your FightLinker sign or symbol on it as well. People gotta know where it came from and where to get it. Maybe just your name at the bottom of the shirt. Or Fight on the back of one sleeve and on the back of the other. Shameless self promotion goes a long ways. Everyone who sees the shirt and likes it (or maybe hates it) will come to your site.

  • Ted Dibiase

    wow. thats the gayest shirt ive ever seen.

    i change my mind about sporting a FL shirt. im sure youll have a huge market for those….. in San Francisco!

  • groda

    “Although detractors decry it as a brutal, bloody form of human cockfighting, aficionados know it is a brutal, bloody, totally fucking awesome form of human cockfighting” — The Onion

  • RoB

    maybe one of em should be holding the brock lesnar cock sword.

  • P W

    Put the totally awesome cock-print on the back and a small FL-logo on the chest and I’ll order one.

  • Tommy

    Or you can make your FightLinker symbol into a set of cufflinks centered with your Jackel or maybe handcuffs and put it on the back off the shirt.

  • Mike O

    i think it would be a funnier pun if it was a human fighting a giant cock with “human cockfighting”

  • fightlinker

    We considered it, and the brock penis sword too. But something tells us our target audience isn’t quite ready to wear shirts with penises on them

  • Paul S

    Seriously… you need to sponsor a Fighter and have him wear this shirt on an Ultimate Fight Night.

  • Jake

    if we sell 2000 of these puppies, then maybe….

  • frickshun

    Pic speaks for itself. Move the text to the back & put a bunch of grapes on the sleave. You can ship one to me right after that is done.

  • Big D D

    That shirt was dead in the water before it was thought up…no way it will be sold. All those who want one, better get their iron on transfer skills up to date. I just made my own FL one with his logo from the site. Looks like junk, will have to try again.

  • penxv

    Ryan… I would absolutely wear that shirt out to a fight. Actually, I would wear it everywhere.

    I want one for Christmas.

  • fightlinker

    We won’t have things ready for xmas … we’re getting them printed once the shirt place re-opens on Jan 2nd. So it’ll be a short while longer. Plus, we’ve got a second shirt design up our sleeves that we’ll put out very soon!