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Behold the fury of BATISTA

Check out this video of Batista working his katas in preparation for his MMA debut in October. Perhaps after Rashid Evans he’ll be taking on Stevin Seagal. Video taken from Bloody Elbow’s new youtube video playlist, compiled by Zombie Prophet. I’m excited they brought him onto the team in a position that won’t lead to him getting sued by the UFC.

  • Blackula Jonez

    rofl & I concur with Cap.

    You would think after Lashley that these guys would get the idea that a ton of muscle is only good for the first 3 mins of a 15 minute fight.

  • agentsmith

    Haha, he runs like it’s his first time ever.  Something tells me his cardio is gonna be stellar.

  • clit romney

    If he is not on TRT i will eat my own arms.

  • MadMan

    probably prophetic that the vid ends with batista about to be arm barred.

  • Reverend Clint

    i predict he gets his ass kicked and then snaps like Chris Benoit

  • bluerosekiller

  • ghost

    Footage is way old.  I have a feeling that his people have found him a can that he can feast on.  I’ll YouTube it.

  • bosswell

    Love how he’s like 260 pounds, and his 150 pound trainer easily kicks twice as hard as he does.

  • zegrapplez

    man, that knife fighting stuff is totally gonna have him ready for some face punching in a cage