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Behold: The Lords of South County



Sent in by a reader who shall remain anonymous due to possible South County style retribution, here’s some pics of Rob Emerson and his ‘gang’, the Lords of South County. As you can see, the first picture is in their pouty emo delinquent youth days and the second looks like some kind of reunion shot. Missing from these pics is the group prison shot complete with orange jumpsuits and bleeding anuses. Although considering the posing in the reunion shot, perhaps they were more willing than you’d think!

If you didn’t know already, Emerson was part of a ‘gang’ called the Lords of South County. They’re basically a pack of rich white kids who went around beating the shit out of random people. Suffice to say, jailarity ensued for several of the members including Rob.

Join us again tommorow for more insider looks into Rob’s life when we present pictures of his retardedly hot girlfriend. Naked? Maybe. We’ll see. But they’re definitely proof that being hot doesn’t mean you’re smart or have any taste whatsoever.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    Is this guy even signed with UFC?

  • Huckaby


  • scorchamatic

    you need to fear these guys brocephus. take them lightly and see what happens. they may not look like much, but i’ve heard they’ve tortured people before by making them listen to song “informer” by snow while strapped to a massage chair from sharper image for 48 hr. periods, suffocating them in rooms filled with axis body spray and i’ve also heard, most heinous of all, they’ve actually taped peoples eyes open while forcing them to watch non-stop marathons of growing up gotti. don’t fuck with the lords of south county son!

  • scorchamatic

    fightlinker, once again i’m dissapointed in your shoddy kevin iole like lack of attention to detail. in the present picture you’ll also notice there are three more members…..these three new members were recruited after being kicked out of the crips for unnecessary violence. werd up.

  • fightlinker

    hehe axe torture. I hate that shit

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain)

    I’m scared just looking at the pictures. Thank god the only gangs I ever had to worry about were hispanic.

  • LR

    You should definitely check out the UG threads on this garbage. Some of the South County boys actually get on the UG and e-peen people and talk about how they were justified in curb stomping people. It produces some quality zingers from UG members, and causes the guys to erupt in e-thuggery on the forum post. Total douchebags.

  • Amy Robinson

    oh dear lord.

  • Toxie

    Who is the one that said, “I cried during Titanic?” As if that would save him from going to jail….

  • Dangerfield

    Word is Fedor learned to fight from these guys.
    Seriously anyone else pick up on the guy in the bottom picture to the right totally feeling that other guy up? His hands in the other guys junk

  • MacDaddy

    I wonder how much Rob’s grappling helped him in jail?…

  • Tertio

    Open letter to Fightlinker.

    I know tomorrow is the beginning of a new era with the new site and you going global and all. Please tell me you guys will keep calling rashad a fat fuck and Clementi a cock face. If you guys turn all 5 oz of junkie on us I swear I erase fightlinker from my favortites and get that jackal tattoo removed from my penis.

  • fightlinker

    There will be no “CHANGE” … there will only be “MORE” :-)

  • Brad

    Is that the cast of “Queer as Folk”???

    Why the fuck is the UFC bringing this clown back? So much for caring about the perception of the sport…

  • márcio

    The Lords of South County???
    What a bunch of preppy fucking idiots… I’ve changed my new year’s wish to be that those morons are picked up by a real gang and fucked in the ass. I hate these over privileged dicks that think they’re tough.
    Oh, and I hope that Emerson idiot, gets his fucking face punched or kicked in (I’m not picky) each time he steps up in the octagon.

  • godzillad

    I could break all of them in half at the same time.

  • scorchamatic

    fightlinker, when are you going to post the pics of emerson’s girlfriend? daddy’s feeling peckish……

  • Lifer

    i think i’m more intimidated by their fashion sense than anything else. all the man on man touching ranks a close 2nd.

  • winklepicker

    See also the song “Suburb Thuggin” by El Pus:

  • Geoff

    At least Emerson is representing in a Wu Tang shirt back in the day.

  • el feo

    I hate to insult homos, but what a bunch of fuckin homos. They look like their younger selves could kick their asses.

  • operator

    Yup they sure are a touchy feely gang. Their is alot of man love in the second pic so I am assuming that was after jail time. I know jail is supposed to make you hard but I think it helped them find their inner gayness. They should change their gang name to lovers of south county. The one guy in the top pic is wearing the worst pair of flood pants I have ever seen. He looks like a greaser from that movie the outsiders. You know the wimpy one.

  • Accomando

    I’m guessing their gang sign was the “L” for “Lord”, like that little homo sitting on his boyfriends knee is doing w/ his right hand.

  • operator

    I think the reason Emerson is still in the ufc is becaus his gang cornered Dana White and threatened to smother him with love and force him to pose with them for a pic if he couldn’t have one more chance.

  • Accomando

    Not only that, I think that little rat flashing the “L” for loser might be a fighter too. He got suplexed by Charie Valencia at the WEC show, his name is Ian McCall, that might be him.

  • dunskeez

    this gang hasn’t been around for a good five years or so, but every now and then i still see a member down at the beach with their tattoo on the arm.