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Bellator and Spike slowly start having sex with each other

If you asked people working at Bellator, SpikeTV, or Viacom about the prospects of Bellator moving from MTV2 over to Spike, they’d tell you ‘No’, ‘We’re not discussing that right now’, or in the case of a Spike exec seen at a recent Bellator show, ‘Get outta mah face, I’m workin!’ But since scientists at Spike labs have determined the human brain can only take so many episodes of Auction Hunters before tardifying, the logical assumption is that Bellator would fill the hole left by the UFC moving to Fox. And now we have step number one in that process: will stream live undercard fights throughout the 12-week season of Bellator Fighting Championship that begins Saturday, September 10. It was jointly announced today by Bellator Chairman & CEO Bjorn Rebney and Erik Flannigan, Executive Vice President, Digital Entertainment, MTV Networks Entertainment Group. This marks the first time has streamed live mixed martial events. will stream Bellator’s live undercard fights each week from 7:00-9:00 p.m. ET/PT, leading into MTV2’s live coverage of the 5th season of Bellator Fighting Championships at 9 p.m. ET/PT. For the first time ever, Bellator will be simulcast in HD on EPIX.

This on it’s own isn’t the biggest deal in the world. Bellator prelim fighters like Brylan Van Artsdalen and Giedrius Karavackas aren’t going to create any kind of crazy net numbers (although I am interested in seeing if their prelim matchmaking is as up to snuff as the main card stuff has been). Consider this deal nothing more than Spike putting it’s hand on Bellator’s breast and seeing how that goes. Next, the hand will slip under the shirt. Then the jeans shall be unbuttoned. If all goes well, by the time 2012 comes around Spike will have two in the pink and one in the stink!

  • CAP

    How taste my pee pee?

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Who cares enough about Bellator to actually watch the prelims?

    Bellator may have the odd exciting/crazy finish – but that’s just what happens when a decent fighter faces lower level talent. We need feeder leagues, but Bellator isn’t one. I’ll watch anything where new talent can fight up the ranks and join the major leagues – if King of the Cage or BAMMA had airplay it would be far more interesting.

    Bellator just locks in their fighters to multi-year contracts preventing them from moving up and onto more competitive envrionments. So why am I interested in following a minor league organization where the best talent CAN’T move up to the majors? I understand that they can’t let their stars (Lombard, Askren etc.) leave and fight in the UFC, but it’s also the reason why I don’t care about their tournaments. I don’t care who the best in the minors is when the best has no where left to go.


  • glassjawsh

    most people don’t even bother watching the MAIN FUCKING CARD of a bellator event