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Bellator shows off MMA Onslaught at E3

The UFC wasn’t the only MMA company to show up at E3. Also pushing their video game license was Bellator with MMA Onslaught. Yeah, the graphics look like something off the N64 but this statement from Bellaprez Bjorn Rebney piqued my interest:

It’s easily accessible, it’s easy to play. I like to kinda consider it the NFL Blitz as opposed to the NFL Madden, you don’t need a degree from MIT to pick up this game and play it. It’s intuitive, you pick up the controls and you can start playing right away … Old guys like me can pick it up and play it with a sense of ease.

That sounds like a nice change of pace from Undisputed and EA MMA where you needed to spend half a day plodding through the damn tutorials just to soak up the basics of gameplay. Unless you put more time into those games than a non-manchild cared to admit, it was about as enjoyable as a teep to the nuts.

I’m still pretty skeptical Onslaught is gonna be any good. While you can debate whether the UFC’s move onto what will probably be an update of the EA MMA engine will turn out well, Onslaught is being made by Kung Fu Factory, the people behind Supremacy MMA. Which was, to put it mildly, a sh*t covered piece of sh*t with sh*t sprinkles and a liquid jizz center.

After the jump: Bellator Onslaught gameplay footage.


  • agentsmith

    Heel-hooks?  Paul Harris approves.  And by that I mean he points at the screen and hoots while jumping up and down.

  • Reverend Clint

    wow those are some shit graphics… looks like ps2. I like it when the guy puts a part of his body through the other guy

  • Luka Magnotta

    I wonder if there could be a special code to unlock Bob Sapp. Whatever button you press causes him to drop to the ground and turtle up in fetal position.

  • Reverend Clint

    just keep hitting back and bob sapp appears

  • iamphoenix

    I like the part where they wasted all their money on this stupid game.

  • epic

    That looks absolutely awful. I rather play Duke Nukem… and that says a lot.

  • Giallo

    They can’t be finished making that shit

  • denton

    I liked the UFC games, especially the 3rd and final one. Every game isn’t without flaws and the hit detection wasn’t perfect but it was a blast to play with friends.

    Didn’t think it was too complicated at all but MMA itself is very complex so a game trying to capture at least some the scope & nuances of the sport should try to be deep as well.

    Didn’t like how Cao Uno and his crazy ass bag of tricks wasn’t in the last one tho.

  • denton

    Plus hearing Bas’ quips during PRIDE fights? Fuckin awesome