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Bellator signs capoeira freak Marcus ‘Lelo’ Aurelio

The 6-1 fighter debuts August 24th at Bellator 73. Who knows if he’s any good past the flashy kicks, but sometimes being a one trick pony is fine so long as that trick is really good. See: Paul Sass and Cody McKenzie. After the jump: half a dozen capoeira blitzes from Lelo.

  • Reverend Clint

    how shitty is the guy in the first gif? he’s like a cartoon…. moves straight back and does not protect his grill.

  • frickshun

    Fights terrible competiton & wins.
    “We gotta sign this guy. Now!!”

  • Miha

    Not bad when the combined record of his opponents is 6 wins 13 losses. Not the best competition….

  • Reverend Clint

    “Bellator: Where nobody looks at who you’ve fought”

  • ButtHorn

    @ Clint, that was the first thing that jumped into my head too!

    Whats he trying to do?
    Catch his feet?

    Peekaboo guard your head and step inside the range white man!

    And if its in Japan then punt him in his ass.


    you could grope your hands around in front of you like your trying to find the snooze button, and slowly wander backwards in perfect range while he flings silly little breakdance kicks at you.

  • Reverend Clint

    i think these opponenets were just caught off guard and thought “is he retarded?

  • ButtHorn

    I agree.

    And its a lot easier for me to talk shit from the peanut gallery.

    I’m not familiar with this fight but I can certainly imagine that instinct and rational thought becomes increasingly cloudy after a grueling round or two.

    IE: I might have just tackled his ass if he tried that in the first 30 seconds, but would have been quite exhausted and befuddled after a minute.

  • Jarman

    clint’s pretty much summed it up. Just gotta add, his sprawls and clinch work/wrestling overall are a lot better than one would expect. The highschool he went to was very well known for having the best wrestling program in burnaby (vancouver suburb). I still think he needs to fight a tough wrestler, see where he really stands.

  • Giallo

    he’s gonna get his ass hanted to him by actual competition, by actual I mean shitty.

  • highjumpkick

    he’s technique is very flashy but im not sure if it will work against top tier fighters