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Bendo full of bad ideas: interested in GSP superfight


First off, we can set one thing straight: the words “Bendo” and “superfight” don’t make sense together in any kind of reality, alternate of otherwise, but if you toss in Georges’ name it’s bound to happen.  As if the most awkward marriage proposal in the history of awkward marriage proposals wasn’t enough, Henderson told ESPN on Friday he’d also be making some bad professional decisions if he had Joe Silva’s job:

I’m getting older.  I’m 29 now, almost 30.  At my age, it’s getting hard for me to make the weight class at 155.  So I wouldn’t mind having a break and having one fight at 170 – having a St-Pierre fight… I want to maintain my integrity.  I don’t want to be one of those guys who cut 20 pounds of water weight and I step in the cage and look sloppy or look fat and don’t perform well…  I’m still ahead of the curve, but I am slowing down. I have to work that much harder, but I can still make 155 for the rest of my career. I can do it. I’m not against doing it.

(Translation: Cutting weight makes me grumpy!  I’d rather not do it, but only if it means I get a shot at a taking St-Pierre’s welter title.  Then I’m back at 155 for the rest of my career.)

Yes, everyone knows cutting weight is terrible and your metabolism is not going to perform at Mike Dolce levels forever.  But if Benson thinks he’s got it bad, all he has to do is take a look at tanks like Gray Maynard or Gleison Tibau, who walk around out of camp north of 180 pounds.

Fortunately, this speculation of a GSP / Henderson Best Decision Winner Superfight is all for naught unless (cross your fingers) some out of control gypsy curse strikes down Anderson Silva, Jonny Hendricks, and the entirety of a reinvigorated WW division.  So Bendo will have to put down whatever voodoo doll he’s holding (Joe Silva?  GSP?), and snap back to reality.  He’ll either squeak out another decision over Maynard, or get finished by TJ Grant’s razor elbows (a girl can dream) before he can plan any fantastical heist of the welterweight title.

(pic by Ken Pishna for MMA Weekly)

  • CAP

    Just because you have a belt doesn’t mean you qualify for a “superfight”. I like watching Bendo but he needs to stfu and just keep winning until we actually care. Then maybe we can talk. All the other guys being talked about for superfights have already established careers and legacies and Bendo is just starting to make a name for himself.

    Aldo/Pettis is a super sick fight but I don’t think it is superfight status either just a damn good fight.

  • Reverend Clint

    If you are too fat to compete at 155 just say it and prove you wont get raped at 170

  • Reverend Clint

    Oh and that hand gesture means vagina where i come from

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Having three straight decisions (two of which were controversially close) warrants a move up in weight AND an immediate shot at the title? Not even Jesus can make that request happen Bendo.

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    How is it that out of all the new writers, most have the decency to do us all a favour and fade away into the background of irrelevancy fairly swiftly, but the worst one of the lot (this one. I mean this one. Kiki McGraw) keeps fucking posting complete shit?

    Why? How does that happen? Why can’t you just go away? Stop ruining Fightlinker for everyone. Especially me.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ at least she isn’t doing like subo and putting up posts on the exact same topic as something ryan wrote about only hours before.

    shite posts are always preferable to that kind of clusterfuck

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.


    I accept your point of view completely, but, personally, I would prefer nothing to shite. I don’t get much MMA news elsewhere (because of time restrictions) and, for me, Ryan presents information in an entertaining fashion. This writer just seems to present their own opinion with a complete absence of any entertainment quotient and it doesn’t do anything for me.

    If they posted it on their own blog, then I could quite happily ignore it and never read it, but when it is posted on an otherwise entertaining website and I never know who has written it until I have already read it … well, let’s just say the difference between Ryan’s posts and this writer’s are vast. Ryan makes me smile. The other makes me want to gouge my eyes out and not give myself 5 minutes to recover.

  • Denton

    Bitch some more, NPH. But be dramatic about it this time.