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The best of Krzysztof Jotko smashing heads in

Meet Krzystof Jotko, the latest addition to the UFC 170 pound division. Whatever dark corner of Poland he comes from allows stomps and knees to the head on the ground, and Jotko takes full advantage of this in his highlight video. He looks like a welterweight PRIDE era Shogun – not that any of those illegal moves will help him much in the US. Still, at 13-0 he’s an interesting prospect to keep your eye on.

  • brent brookhouse

    Am I the only person who likes MMA but doesn’t like neo skateboard butt metal?

    This polish guy looks pretty cool (with the sound off), hopefully he transitions into the major league better then Horodecki.

  • Doogie Howser, M.D.

    ^ You’re the only guy who is a complete and utter cunt who every single person in the world wishes would please FUCK OFF AND DIE.