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Big Nog talks about being run over by a truck

  • Geny

    Also, to take your point about bulking up beofre a fight to it’s logical conclusion. What happens after the fight, do you expect the fighter to lose that ~15lbs and have to put in the effort to bulk up beofre the next fight again? Also, isn’t your main argument that you want the fighters to concentrate on skill/tactics, not weight? It works both ways, whether cutting or bulking up, both take time away from training. Also I think you think it’s easy to bulk up 15lbs in 10 weeks. GSP, probably the best athlete in the UFC said he would need a full year to bulk up that much to fight Silva. Cutting weight is magnitudes easier on the body than bulking up.

  • Hendri

    he didnt take it by storm . these british fihtgers get special treatment because the ufc wants so badly to expand . he didnt deserve the title shot , he’s not top five 170 , and he talks to much shit based on his mediocre talent level . i know the ufc wants a great brit fighter but they really shouldn try to invent one

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