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Big Nog vs Young Buck @ UFC Rio

All this weekend I heard rumors of Big Nog competing at UFC Rio, which sounded great until it was time to discuss opponents. There was a lot of Mirko Crocop talk, which I’d have been down for. After 9 fights in the UFC, they’d finally be booking him in a fight people might be excited to see! What a crazy concept. Oh well, we’ll always have those Eddie Sanchez and Mostapha Al-Turk fights!

Instead, the fight will go to Brendan Schaub, the dude who apparently retired Crocop from the UFC. Schaub has been circling this fight like a fistshark that smells blood since it came up. And why not? Nothing rings nature’s dinnerbell like hip replacement surgery.

  • Reverend Clint

    Brandon “Have You killed Your Pride Today” Schaub

    Could be a nice fight to finally retire Nog out of fighting since he looks like wilford Brimley

  • CAP

    I kinda thought Crocop made sense and gave Nog a better chance of winning. That’s a pretty brutal gif.

  • scissors61

    If Nog can get him down he’ll school him. Schaub’s still a greenhorn. 

  • Spicoli

    I like Schaub’s path as the up and comer taking out the oldies. Someone needs to put a nail in some of these coffins.

  • scissors61

    That’s what I wanted Pat Barry to be, mostly because he’s not a giant drippy twat like Schaub 

  • FiveBoltMain

    Don’t hurt ‘em Hammer!!

  • frickshun

    What is so special about Schaub that we should only feed him fat rasslers & old, has-beens? Can we have this guy fight another legit heavyweight!!

    Oh yeah, not too many of those to go around……

  • Letibleu

    Jesus be patient.

  • scissors61

    Can we have this guy fight another legit heavyweight!!


  • frickshun

    ^^HAHA!! I fucking forgot about that.

    How many young guys lose a tough fight & then get brought along as slowly as Schaub?!

  • kvelertak

    fuck it. war nog!

  • Reverend Clint

    its cause they are always keeping the jewish ex football players down

  • Redping

    Big Nog isnt that old, and he doesn’t throw stupid left leg kicks against people with big right hands. hopefully will go better than lil nog’s match ups, brendan shaub sucks

  • frickshun

    True. You probably didn’t know Sandy Koufax was a black belt Borscht Kwon Do.

  • subo

    Schaub is going to fuck his world up.  Unless Nog politely asks Brendan to lie down on the mat, this is going to be worse than Nog/Mir.

  • scissors61

    in the event that schaub wins i hope they shower him with garbage from the stands 

  • Reverend Clint

    schaub better hire Xe to get his ass outta that 3rd world shit hole

  • scissors61

    heh, 3rd-world shithole with an economy that’ll eclipse ours in the next few decades. I should be so lucky to live in such a shithole. 


  • Reverend Clint

    ok i relent… its really more like a 2nd world country

    this really looks like a sweet place to live

    i bet the water there tastes really good too

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    That seems like heaven for you, Clint.

  • scissors61

    One would’ve seen far worse slums around New York City in the late 19th century (or in the 1930s, for that matter). It’s an interesting thing…in Lima, where there were once comparable slums now stands the largest shopping complex in Peru. In any case, judging the whole of a country by the periphery of its larger coastal cities is silly.  

  • agentsmith

    ^ That just makes me ask where all the poor people were moved to.  It’s not like they were all given jobs in the mall.

  • Reverend Clint

    they were all burried under the mall

    brasilia the capital


    its a problem all over the country. they on per capita make $10k a year here in america we make $47k hell even in Stockton people on average makes like $16k

  • frickshun

    My wife pays me in dinner & laundry. How do you quantify that?

  • CAP


  • glassjawsh

    @ clint – the upper 1% has a lot to do with keeping the average salary in america high. if you take out those greedy fucks id be willing to bet its closer to 25 – 30k

  • G Funk

    There are some really poor fucked up areas in this paradise that I reside in. However, there is running water, power, sewer, ex..

    The politicians in Brazil are ten times more corrupt then they are in the US. Brazil has alot of resources going for them and in the 70’s they accomplished major projects that rival any country (the largest hydro-electric damn built & the almost complete conversion to local sugar-cane grown ethanol due to the oil shortage crisis) However, they have historically taken two steps forward, two steps back-a when it comes to their overall economy.