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BJ Penn, j’taime

When the Sherk/Penn fight was originally booked, a lot of us were curious to see if BJ Penn was going to be ‘allowed’ by UFC brass to rip Sean Sherk a ragged red asshole over his steroid suspension. After all, the company did it’s best to gloss over the ugly affair. Fortunately for everyone, BJ Penn does whatever the fuck he wants, and during the UFC 84 conference call he wanted to heckle the shit out of Sherk:

UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn had some questions of his own for former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk at the UFC 84 Press conference.

“Sean Sherk did you take any steroids for this fight? …what about growth hormone? ..what about blood doping? …let me know, let me know,” Penn said.

Sherk did his best to blow Penn off, but Penn refused to let it go, interrupting Sherk repeatedly.

“I really don’t feel any extra pressure,” Sherk said before Penn interrupted him, “What about the pressure that you’re not going to be on the juice this time? Do you feel that pressure or what.”

For those of you who want to re-live that awkwardly awesome moment, the link above includes audio of that and some more bonus smack talk too.

  • Jemaleddin

    BJ is, once again, the best thing to happen to MMA. Tough as nails, smart as hell, and with a sharp wit. My favorite was “I’m doing everything but steroids to get ready for this fight.” Oh BJ – I’m so glad it’s your picture cross-stitched on my body pillow.

  • Tertio

    French blogging are we ?

  • clint notestine

    If Sean Sherk stopped doing roids he would have to change his nickname and that would be too much trouble.

  • garth

    mental image…sean sherk sitting in a tent holding a huge syringe…kisses it gently…
    Sherk whispers, “I wish I knew how to quit you.”

  • Ram

    It’s like gold is raining from the sky. My two favorites:

    From CP:
    “I know what I did and I know what I didn’t do. I went above and beyond what I needed to do to prove my innocence. I think anyone who looks at the evidence knows that. I think the commission knows I didn’t do it. They shorted my suspension, but they didn’t want to overturn it because then they have to worry about a lawsuit.”

    And here’s where it got a little uncomfortable.

    B.J. chimed in after this answer to say:

    “You heard it there. Sean Sherk has never done steroids in his life.”

    And a more recent one…

    “Sean Sherk, [expletive] you and your steroids. I’m going to kick your ass.”

  • Jemaleddin

    Addendum: I hadn’t re-watched the Penn-Stevenson fight since the night it happened until they showed it on Unleashed the other day, and DAMN was BJ dominant. That fight was almost over in the first 10 seconds, and BJ just made Joe look like an amateur out there. Yes, as Rogan kept mentioning, it was impressive to see Joe escape having his back taken or being mounted, but he never put up any kind of credible resistance to BJ.

    So is Sean a better fighter than Joe? I’d say so – but is he enough better that BJ isn’t going to steamroll him? I doubt it. I just don’t see him damaging BJ.

  • godzillad

    I wanna hear Penn talk shit when Sherk is sitting on his stomach punching him out. That’ll impress me more than being the biggest but in MMA history not named Kevin Randleman.

  • godzillad

    I meant to say ”bust”, not ”but”.

  • Mobb Deep

    Thank the mighty volcano God for BJ Penn. Do it for the children.

  • RoB

    @ godzillad: R i i i i i i i i i i ght! cuz sean sherk finishes fights?

  • kentyman

    Even his CSAC trial went to a split decision.

  • Nachtfalter

    Sherk doesn’t finish. He just lays and prays. I bet he needs some sort of judging when he’s having sex, too.

  • KillerBootsMan

    Sherk sounded like he was wearing that god-awful shirt during that conference call. What was that, microsuede?

  • Dr. Gonzo

    I like how he said that if he didnt take roids that his levels should be the same since Sherks deffense was that those were his natural levels.

  • ajadoniz

    well done kentyman.

  • Borje Salming

    You admit your love for another guy. In french.

    Homo sez what?